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Boost and Overdrive

I’m not sure how happy Strymon is going to be here as Walrus Audio seems to have near enough copied their Iridium Pedal formula - blow-for-blow - they’re even priced at the exact same $399 level!


And while there are some slight differences - most of the advantages seem to lean towards the ACS1 - obviously smaller footprint - and a little more surface-accessible functionality.


The differences in real terms are quite small - but it’s neat on the ACS1 in ...

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Greenhouse Effects Delivers Innovative Dual Switching Roots Fuzz

Big Muff Style FuzzFuzzFuzz-Drive and FuzzstortionGreenhouse Effects+-

I’m actually quite a fan of Greenhouse Effects, even though I don’t have many to my name yet. In fact my sole representative to date is the doomy Sludge Hammer Fuzz which I really enjoy.


On this occasion Greenhouse Effects have delivered a really cool take on a sort of Muff-style fuzz - as indicated by the control topology of Volume, Tone (Dark>Bright), and Sustain. So far all very ordinary - while if you hold down the footswitch for 200ms or longer you get to switch ...

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Jackson Audio's Modular Fuzz Looks to give you Maximum Versatility from a single Fuzz Unit

Big Muff Style FuzzFuzzFuzz Face Style FuzzFuzz-Drive and FuzzstortionGated and Velcro FuzzJackson AudioOctave FuzzSilicon FuzzTone Bender Style Fuzz+-

It is with a heavy heart I report that this will be the last Jackson Audio feature I include on this site. I had intended doing a full in-depth review of the unit and all 6 Plugin Modules. And in pursuit of such I tried to request some degree of accommodation / discount to help make this happen. After all $480 / £480 all in is a very significant outlay, and Guitar Pedal X is entirely self-funded. It’s quite normal in this industry to engage in a fair and equitable value exchange - ...

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EarthQuaker Devices Releases the Divine Astral Destiny Octal Octave Reverberation Unit

Ambient EffectsDigital ReverbEarthQuaker DevicesReverbShimmer ReverbSpacey Reverb+-

Upon first seeing this pedal it calls to mind both the Strymon NightSky and Walrus Audio Slö to a degree - both of which offer somewhat similar Octave and Shimmery Reverb delights. The Astral Destiny is very obviously very much dedicated towards adding in floaty textures above and below the baseline. It’s actually a pretty straightforward and elegant reverb by and large - and extremely successful in delivering those floaty cosmic / ambient tones.


The Control Topology could ...

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Walrus Audio Delivers Beautifully Calibrated Mako Series R1 High-Fidelity Stereo Reverb to Match its D1 Delay

Ambient EffectsDigital ReverbPlate ReverbRack Style ReverbReverbReverb WorkstationShimmer ReverbSpacey ReverbSpring ReverbWalrus Audio+-

There’s no question about it - Walrus Audio has delivered a killer reverb in every which way - and which properly challenges the bigger reverb workstations. This is a darn fine bit of engineering to get all this magic to fit within a compact enclosure. I dare say this is even more impressive than the Mako D1 Delay - certainly for my tastes.


I’m almost instantly smitten after having viewed just a couple of demos. My current thinking is that this could be a great rotational ...

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Red Panda’s Bitmap Bitcrusher Pedal is the next of its range to see enhancements and size-shrinkage - bringing that into line with the same size format now as the Tensor, Particle and Context - in fact only the Raster Digital Delay remains to be updated.


This is probably the most significant Red Panda Update yet as the previous version had just 6 controls - compared to the 11 of this V2. The Modulation and Wave Sections in particular have seen a lot of additions - with numerous ...

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Dune fans will undoubtedly appreciate this theme a little more than most. And in fact the Atreides is based on Electro-Harmonix’s now vintage 1980’s Mini Synthesizer.


What we have here is a perfect complementary amalgamation of different modulations with a hearty Fuzz and Sub-Octave element. There are 7 lit-up sliders for which in the above visual I have highlighted in red text how they group / break down.


Essentially we have Output Volume, then Sensitivity and ...

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Mike Verala Adds a Second Killer Fuzz to the ToneTuga FX Range - the Salvage Fuzz - made from spare parts!

Big Muff Style FuzzEffects Pedal MakersFuzzFuzz-Drive and FuzzstortionSilicon FuzzToneTuga Effeccts+-

I’ve just recently taken delivery of my own Salvage Fuzz - Organic variety (as pictured above right). Much like with the Reeves Electro BlackHatSound it took me a while to decide on the colour scheme - and I was eventually split between the Shade and Organic variants before coming down in favour of the latter.


Mike describes this as very much his Pandemic Fuzz - where limited parts supply because of Covid restrictions - led him to make best use of what he already had in his parts...

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Pigtronix has gained quite a reputation and track record for Mini pedals of late - particularly the trio of Disnortion Micro Fuzzstortion, Octava Analog Octave Fuzz, and Philosopher’s Tone Germanium Gold Compressor. The Class A Clean Boost, regular Philosopher’s Tone Compressor, and Gatekeeper Noise Gate are decent too - but not quite as appealing as the principal Mini Flagship Trio.


The 3 new Mini Pedals are all killer - and would be equally impressive at full-size - while...

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Alex Millar's Zander Circuitry Unleashes 2 Further Superb Compact Editions - the Truly Smart Multi-Clipping Cranium Rat-Style Fuzz/Distortion and Surplus Dual Channel Elemental Overdriver

BoostBoost and OverdriveDual-DriveEffects Pedal MakersFuzzFuzz-Drive and FuzzstortionMulti-DriveOpAmp FuzzOverdriveRat Style FuzzZander Circuitry+-

For Alex to miniaturise his formerly BB-enclosure pedals, the Multi-Clipping Element was always going to be the trickiest part to incorporate - because of the dimensions of said rotary pot, and all the Diode Component Pairs which made up each Clipping option.


In the process of miniaturisation the enclosures have seen a significant change in aesthetics - with more of an outline print artwork onto a raw enclosure - and accentuated by those beautiful / vibrant and colour-coded CBA-style ...

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Jackson Audio's Modular Fuzz Looks to give you Maximum Versatility from a single Fuzz Unit
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Jackson Audio's Modular Fuzz Looks to give you Maximum Versatility from a single Fuzz Unit
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Jackson Audio's Modular Fuzz Looks to give you Maximum Versatility from a single Fuzz Unit
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