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Preferred Stereo Amp Setup - Principals and Understudies, Solid State and Tube - A Personal Selection!

AmpsBossCarvin AmplificationCombo AmpHome-Play AmpHughes and KettnerMESA/BoogieModelling AmpSolid State AmpTube Amp+-

When I started down this road many moons ago, my intentions were to keep things as simple as possible - but that particular rule book has long since been torn up and thrown under the bus. My rig has evolved pretty organically into a stereo setup - where I always have and most likely always will have a Solid-State amp on the Left Channel, and an All Tube variety on the right (along with 40 or so pedals in my pedal-chain).


My current incumbents are the Boss Katana KT100 and Carvin V3MC -...

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Ultimate Guitar Amps - A Personal Selection

AmpsBossCarvin AmplificationCombo AmpGigging AmpHome-Play AmpKatanaMESA/BoogieModelling AmpPeaveySolid State AmpTube Amp+-

Although my focus of late has very much been on pedals, I do of course still harbour a desire to improve my amp backline. As reported on several occasions now - I run an extensive pedal chain through a stereo rig with a Boss Katana 100 on the left channel and a Carvin V3MC (50W) on the right - piling everything into the front of those two amps while making great use of the TC Electronic Mimiq, and mostly playing at scaled down volumes - entirely for home-use - but still plenty raucous enough. ...

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12 Great Guitar Combo Amps for your Consideration

AmpsBlackstarBossCarvin AmplificationCombo AmpFenderFriedman AmplifcationGigging AmpHamstead SoundworksHome-Play AmpHughes and KettnerMad Professor EffectsMarshallMarshall AmplificationMESA/BoogieModelling AmpPaul Reed SmithPeaveyPRSSolid State AmpTube Amp+-

As posted previously, I only got back into guitar again last year, and a whole lot has changed since I was then involved. And while my Tone Quest has by and large been a hugely rewarding and successful endeavour, I made some significant mistakes in my early amp choices.


In my endeavour to keep things simple, I thought I could buy a great guitar, and an equally great modelling amp to cover all the bases / sounds I would need to generate. I was intrigued by the Line 6 Amplifi 150 - ...

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10 Versatile Multi-Channel Guitar Amps for Your Consideration

Amp HeadAmpsCarvin AmplificationCombo AmpDiezel AmplificationEgnater AmplificaitonEngl AmplificationEVH GearGigging AmpHome-Play AmpHughes and KettnerLaney AmplificationMarshall AmplificationMESA/BoogieSolid State AmpTube Amp+-

I have so far acquired 3 amps along this tone quest. I rather naively though I could get by with purely solid state - with largely onboard effects - i.e. moddelling. My first acquisition was the 150W Fender Mustang IV V2 - which excels at reproducing Fender’s classic amp tones, but does not quite have the full throttle grunt for harder styles of playing - it’s generally a very good amp with some excellent effects, and very even tone - most will be able to dial in something pretty ...

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