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Boost and Overdrive

9 of the Best Subdecay Effects Pedals

Effects Pedal MakersEnvelope Filter and Auto WahFlangerFuzzGuitar Synth and SequencerModulationOscillating FuzzPhaserRing ModulationSlicer and StutterSubdecay EffectsTremolo+-

Subdecay is a brand which I’ve featured a lot on this site. All these pedals listed here have appeared or been mentioned several times on this blog, and it’s a surprise really that I don’t own more of these. In fact I have just two to date - the Harmonic Antagonizer and the Vector Analog Preamp - the latter of which falls just outside this preferential list.


There are several here I’ve been on the cusp of acquiring when another rising priority essentially took ...

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Crazy Tube Circuits Constellation OC45 vs Constellation CV7003 (OC44)

BoostCrazy Tube CircuitsEffects Pedal MakersFuzzFuzz Face Style FuzzGermanium FuzzTone Bender Style Fuzz+-

I acquired my original Blue OC45 Constellation pretty much as soon as it was announced - or back in April of 2018, and it was a mainstay of my pedal-chain for several months in a row then, and still puts in a fairly regular appearance / rotation nowadays. It was probably due another rotation right about now - so it’s handy to reminisce on its prowess versus the new limited edition CV7003 variety - which uses that slightly rarer transistor type, and where only 200 will be made.



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In Praise of the Under-appreciated Big Tone Music Brewery's EQ'd Vintage Series of Classic Fuzz, Overdrive and Distortion Pedals

Big Muff Style FuzzBig Tone Music BreweryBlues Breaker Style OverdriveBoostBoost and OverdriveBuild Your Own CloneBYOCDistortionDriveDual-DriveEffects Pedal MakersFuzzFuzz Face Style FuzzFuzz-Drive and FuzzstortionGermanium FuzzKlone and Transparent OverdriveOpAmp FuzzOverdriveRat Style FuzzSilicon FuzzTubescreamer Style Overdrive+-

I am generally a huge fan of Keith Vonderhulls’ BYOC Pedal Imprint - where his Crown Jewel Multi-Drive is one of my favourite pedals of all time. Build Your Own Clone is obviously mostly a DIY Pedal Kit brand - while all the BYOC’s I have acquired to date have been fully assembled by professionals like Alchemy Audio and GearGasStore.


Big Tone Music Brewery is very much Keith’s Pro sister-range to BYOC - with a series of premium edition pedals fully and carefully ...

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9 of the Best DOD Electronics Pedals

Analog DelayBoostBoost and OverdriveDelayDigiTechDistortionDOD EffectsDriveEffects Pedal MakersFuzzGuitar Synth and SequencerMetal DistortionModulationOverdrivePhaserPitchPitch-ShiftingPreAmpRing ModulationSilicon Fuzz+-

DigiTech’s latter sister brand DOD has delivered a number of pedal greats over the years, and since its foundation in 1973 by David Oreste Di Francesco. A lot of people focus on the early editions / 200 Series - while I’ve taken a slightly broader overview here - with the one concession really being the original 250 Overdrive/Preamp. Elsewhere I’ve gone for pretty much the latest viable editions - including the Blue reissue of the 201 Phasor - which also had Grey and Yellow ...

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AWOL Pedals' Aaron Wahl is Master of the Micro Enclosure Format

AWOL PedalsBoostBoost and OverdriveBufferEffects Pedal MakersFuzzFuzz Face Style FuzzSilicon FuzzUtility+-

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while - and have long since decided I at least need the Virus Micro Silicon Fuzz Face Pedal hopefully in default Blood Red colourway as pictured. While those pedals go out of stock so quickly that I keep missing my opportunity - but no doubt this will happen before too much longer.


AWOL Pedals has been official since around Mid 2017 - where over the years Aaron has made a variety of different pedals, but has very much settled on specialising ...

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Mike Verala Adds a Second Killer Fuzz to the ToneTuga FX Range - the Salvage Fuzz - made from spare parts!

Big Muff Style FuzzEffects Pedal MakersFuzzFuzz-Drive and FuzzstortionSilicon FuzzToneTuga Effeccts+-

I’ve just recently taken delivery of my own Salvage Fuzz - Organic variety (as pictured above right). Much like with the Reeves Electro BlackHatSound it took me a while to decide on the colour scheme - and I was eventually split between the Shade and Organic variants before coming down in favour of the latter.


Mike describes this as very much his Pandemic Fuzz - where limited parts supply because of Covid restrictions - led him to make best use of what he already had in his parts...

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Alex Millar's Zander Circuitry Unleashes 2 Further Superb Compact Editions - the Truly Smart Multi-Clipping Cranium Rat-Style Fuzz/Distortion and Surplus Dual Channel Elemental Overdriver

BoostBoost and OverdriveDual-DriveEffects Pedal MakersFuzzFuzz-Drive and FuzzstortionMulti-DriveOpAmp FuzzOverdriveRat Style FuzzZander Circuitry+-

For Alex to miniaturise his formerly BB-enclosure pedals, the Multi-Clipping Element was always going to be the trickiest part to incorporate - because of the dimensions of said rotary pot, and all the Diode Component Pairs which made up each Clipping option.


In the process of miniaturisation the enclosures have seen a significant change in aesthetics - with more of an outline print artwork onto a raw enclosure - and accentuated by those beautiful / vibrant and colour-coded CBA-style ...

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Ibanez Expands Mini Pedal Lineup to 10 with New Boost and Phaser editions

BoostBoost and OverdriveEffects Pedal MakersIbanezModulationPhaser+-

I covered the Ibanez Mini Pedal Range back in August - when there were 8 in total. Ibanez has since decided to round out its lineup with a 2-Band EQ tone-sculpting Boost, and a 4/6 Stage switching Phaser - which provides decent competition for MXR’s ever successful Phase 95.


Both pedals have enough variety and versatility about them to be amongst the strongest contenders in their respective categories. It’s been a while since I did my classic Mini Boost roundup of 16 highly...

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Decibelics Unleashes the Magnificent Golden Royale Dual Channel Klone Overdrive - The One to Rule them All!

Boost and OverdriveDecibelicsEffects Pedal MakersKlone and Transparent Overdrive+-

Readers of this blog will know by now that I have been effusively complementary towards the Decibelics Golden Horse Klone Overdrive over the years - my absolute favourite Klone of all time, and a much celebrated marvel of pedal engineering.


I have recommended said pedal to countless players by now - and once you have encountered its wonderfully elegant creamy, articulate, and dynamic delivery you will look towards the originals with disdain - as somewhat over-bloated and unwieldy ...

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Brian Mena Surprises with recent announcement for New Versions of Menatone Workingman's Blue and Wreck'T Overdrive / Preamp-style Pedals

Blues Breaker Style OverdriveBoost and OverdriveDistortionDriveEffects Pedal MakersMenatoneOverdrive+-

When I featured my new Menatone Vertical Format Trifecta back in May I teased the next likely pedals coming through the works - supposedly the Dumbstruck V2 and Wreck’T V2. Yet the newer Dumbstruck is still pending, and in its place we have the excellent JTM45 / Blues Breaker style circuit in brand new form factor.


This is really just a teaser / announcement post, even though a small batch of each was made available - and the Workingman’s Blue initial batch has already sold...

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