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Boost and Overdrive

A Brief Hobbyist Primer on Key Tone Stack Types and Circuit EQ Configurations - in collaboration with Master-Builder Adrian 'Thorpy' Thorpe

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Different Tone Stacks have endlessly fascinated me over the years. Exactly which Tone Stack each builder chooses to deploy on each of their specific gain pedal/s - how complex and impactful (range, focus, taper etc.), as well as how the overall frequency profile is default calibrated at the mid-way / noon mark. There are dozens of different variations across all the different compact edition type pedals - which serve as my visual references here. And of course some Tone Stacks are particularly ...

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As a follow-up to the enormously entertaining Maisy Millar Zander Circuitry voiceover Video (which I shall reference at the base of this article) the happy couple have teamed up again to deliver the Perfect First Effects Pedals introductory book for Children - a sort of toddler’s guide to stompboxes!


With a cast of 8 cute cartoon component characters, that you can see on the front cover, Alex & Maisy’s ’Wonderful Noise Awaits’ tackles 13 different key ...

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In the wake of the 40th Anniversary SD-1 Super OverDrive and 30th Anniversary MT-2 Metal Zone Distortion Boss has taken the opportunity to significantly enhance its web-presences by refining and adding deeper content and resources - further bolstered by a brand new Blog Platform - Articles.Boss.Info.


The typical Boss page is now deeper and more flowing and we will use the updated SD-1 Super OverDrive Page as our main reference here. Note that the MT-2 Metal Zone Page is similarly ...

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All you ever wanted to know about Scandinavia's Premier Pedal Boutique and Guitar Gear Emporium - Stockholm's These Go To 11!

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I knew the ’These Go To 11’ website long before I was introduced to owner / founder Sebastian Nylund. It was the core reference for me for brands like BJFe and DanDrive and several more rarer boutique brands - and I have always admired Sebastian’s smart curation and selection process - and often used that in my own pedal discovery process.


These Go To 11 is an incredibly eclectic, but selective mix too of both mainstream and boutique pedal brands. It’s not ...

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The Pedal Movie Review

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I’ve been excited to see this Pedal Movie since it was first announced quite some time ago now - and the scope and ambition on display is definitely on a grand scale, while overall the movie is sort of a production of two halves.


I had hoped for a a little more erudition - where overall I’m not sure if any of these facts or insights were entirely new to me. Also the coverage was very skewed towards USA and Japan - with just that vintage segment representing UK, and nothing ...

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Wishing You a Happy Xmas and a Wonderful New Year!

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It’s been one heck of a journey this year - with a particular flurry of activity in the final quarter - all those ’12 Degrees’ and ’Year End Best of’ articles really knocked the stuffing out of me - you will have noted those came fairly thick and fast. I have related a number of my favourite posts from the year to this article - viewed below on mobile and to the right on desktop, laptop and tablet!


I’m a little shattered from all those exertions - ...

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All you ever wanted to know about the UK's Preeminent Independent Pedal Boutique - Joe's Pedals

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My readers will know that I’ve featured Joe’s Pedals a fair few number of times on this site - in reference to where I acquired several of my own pedals from. My first introduction to said boutique was in search of Marc Ahlfs’ Skreddy Pedals. In fact 5 of my 8 Skreddy’s have come from Joe’s and I would have gotten more had those been in stock when I needed them - such is always the luck of the draw with pedal acquisitions - in that you cannot always get everything ...

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Singular Dominant Pedal Colour Association by Guitar Pedal Type / Genre

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This article was obviously triggered by this last Friday’s The JHS Show episode (as referenced below) - where Josh Scott and Nick White discussed Pedal Colour Theory - and which colour/s were most obviously associated with a particular effect type. Those two gentlemen discussed 6 varieties and I’ve expandanded the categories to 12 - for a more definitive take on the subject.


I’m of course no newbie to Colour Theory having an extensive background in Brand Strategy and ...

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Try Before You Buy Makes US's Pedal Genie and UK's Tonebuddy Essential Resources for Many Pedal Fans

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It’s been well over a year now since I did my first head-to-head comparison between industry standard Pedal Rental / Subscription Service - Pedal Genie of the USA, and the then fledgling Tonebuddy sort of UK equivalent. I may have been a little harsh on Tonebuddy as it was really just starting out, and its scale of operation did not really allow it to provide as close a service to Pedal Genie as it might have liked.


I’ve actually been meaning to do this update for a while -...

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Birmingham's The Guitar Show Highlights

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For me, this turned out to be the best The Guitar Show yet - where I pretty much managed to round off all my pre-show goals - in terms of seeing what and whom I wanted to / needed - as per the following highlights. I caught 2 great lunchtime showcases - first by Mikey Demus of Skindred / Redbeard Effects fame and then Rabea Massaad of Andertons, Chapman, Dorje, Toska, etc. fame - and D’Addario as it turned out - albeit people were really just there to see Bea play.


I must have ...

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