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Boost and Overdrive

Zander Circuitry Releases New and Improved V2 Junipero 8-Mode Stereo Aqueous Modulator with Enhanced Algorithms

Chorus and VibratoFlangerModulationModulation WorkstationMulti-FXPhaserRotary SpeakerTremoloZander Circuitry+-

The original Junipero was already formidable, while the perfectionist in Alex Millar has meant that he’s spent over a year refining and improving every aspect of the pedal - which is now re-released as a V2 edition with a better mix of enhanced algorithms.


Most of the physical and technical aspects of the pedal remain the same - while the circuit and algorithms have been significantly evolved and enhanced.


The Key Controls are still Rate, Depth, CTRL (Detune / Depth / ...

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2021 August Pedal-Chain Update - Episode VIII - Good Reverberations

Big Ear PedalsCaroline Guitar CompanyDigital ReverbDistortionDrunk BeaverFlangerFuzzFuzz-Drive and FuzzstortionModulationNeunaberOctave FuzzOpAmp FuzzPettyjohn ElectronicsRat Style FuzzReverbReverb WorkstationRotary SpeakerSilicon FuzzSitek Guitar ElectronicsSpaceman EffectsSpiral Electric FX+-

August has been another impressively busy month with lots of excellent new pedal releases which has certainly kept me on my toes. I always thought August used to be a fairly quiet month in the annual release calendar. While I guess this year there have been so many delays - because of parts supply issues and the like - that lots of launches have been unusually pushed back - which means those pedals just weren’t ready until about now.


I am particularly impressed to have got my ...

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Strymon at last makes a Phaser! The Zelzah Dual Channel 4-Stage + 6-Stage Multidimensional Stereo Phaser

Chorus and VibratoFlangerModulationPhaserRotary SpeakerStrymonTremoloUni-Vibe and Vibe+-

I’ve often wondered why Strymon never got around to making a phaser - where it’s had all the other key modulation flavours out for several years now - Chorus, Flanger, Rotary and Tremolo. Seems like they were just figuring out how to make their variety of phaser special - and special it is!


You essentially have a 2-Channel Stereo Phaser here where each side has its own controls and Engage footswitch - and which you can deploy independently or both together in 3 different ...

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All you ever wanted to know about Canada's Premier Pedal Boutique, Guitar Gear Emporium, and Distributor - Axe and You Shall Receive!

Alexander PedalsAxe and You Shall ReceiveBeat MachineBenson AmpsBitcrushing and Lo-FiBoost and OverdriveChorus and VibratoCooper FXDelayDigital DelayDistortionDriveFairfield CircuitryFlangerFuzzFuzz Face Style FuzzFuzzrociousGermanium FuzzGFI SystemGreer AmpsGuitar Synth and SequencerIdiotBox FXKlone and Transparent OverdriveModulationModulation WorkstationMulti-FXOverdrivePhaserRainger FXRotary SpeakerScott HagerSilicon FuzzSpaceman EffectsSpiral Electric FXSubdecay EffectsTape DelayThorpyFXUtility+-

I actually only got to know ’Axe and You Shall Receive’ Owner / Founder Scott Hager relatively recently - while I first bought a pedal from his store (courtesy of back in 2017 - my much loved ’Gold Bar’ edition of Dr Scientist’s The Elements Preamp / Drive which readers will have seen heavily featured on this site.


Earlier this year - back in March in fact - Scott and I bonded over Big Tone Music Brewery’s (BTMB) EQ’d Vintage Series...

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As the Last of the Boss 20-Series Pedals start to bow out - how many of those will we see transition to 200-Series Equivalents?

ArpeggiatorBitcrushing and Lo-FiBlues Driver Style OverdriveBoostBoost and OverdriveBossBoss MonthBrown Sound DistortionChorus and VibratoDelayDigital DelayDistortionDriveDrive WorkstationDual-DriveDumble Style OverdriveEffects Pedal MakersEnvelope Filter and Auto WahEQFlangerGuitar Synth and SequencerHarmonizerKlone and Transparent OverdriveLooperMarshall Style DistortionMetal DistortionModelling AmpModulationModulation WorkstationMulti-DriveMulti-FXOctaverOddball ModulationOverdrivePhaserPitchPitch-ShiftingPreAmpReverb WorkstationRing ModulationRotary SpeakerSlicer and StutterSpacey ReverbSwellTape DelayTremoloTubescreamer Style OverdriveUni-Vibe and VibeUtilityVox Style DistortionWah and Fixed Wah+-

Where once there were around 12 Boss 20-Series Double Pedals (per second visual below) - now if you scan through Boss.Info - you will find only a couple still on the books as it were. And I feel that the days of the RE-20 Space Echo and VE-20 Voice Performer are likely numbered too - which is why I’ve done a suggested mockup of what the RE-20 in particular might look like in 200-Series format.


As a long-term Boss and Roland flagship effect - I feel we will certainly see it being ...

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2021 June Pedal-Chain Update - Episode VI - Particle Acceleration

Alexander PedalsBeetronics FXBig Muff Style FuzzBitcrushing and Lo-FiBoostBoost and OverdriveBossCatalinbreadChorus and VibratoCornerstone Music GearDelayDigital DelayDigital ReverbDistortionDriveDrunk BeaverDryBell EffectsDumble Style OverdriveEl GaratgeEnvelope Filter and Auto WahFlower PedalsFuzzFuzz-Drive and FuzzstortionGermanium FuzzHarmonizerJoe GoreLo-Fi DelayMarshall Style DistortionModulationOctaverOverdrivePitchPitch-ShiftingPLBR EffectsPolarbear EffectsRedbeard EffectsReverbRotary SpeakerShimmer ReverbSilicon FuzzTone Bender Style FuzzTsakalis Audio WorksTubescreamer Style OverdriveWah and Fixed Wah+-

June has been another incredibly busy month - with editorials going out on almost a daily basis - which kind of leaves me a little exhausted, but still warmly satisfied with proceedings. There has been something of a plethora of releases in June - a number of which were delayed from previous months because of parts sourcing issues and other production challenges.


A very respectable 23 pedals were added to the collection in June - and most have been featured on the site already, with ...

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Alexander Pedals' Marshmallow Pitch-Shifter and Sugarcube Stereo Chorus/Vibrato/Rotary make for a Formidable Pair of Tone Sweeteners

Alexander PedalsChorus and VibratoEffects Pedal MakersModulationOctaverPitchPitch-ShiftingRotary Speaker+-

Those sharp-eyed among you will have noted that I singled out the Alexander Sugarcube Stereo Chorus/Vibrato/Rotary during this year’s Virtual Winter NAMM - as a pedal of interest. I’m of a mind that any half-decent Rotary pedal really has to have Stereo output to be effective. And apart from the DigiTech Ventura Vibe - there are really very few compact-size Stereo Rotary pedals out there. So I was very excited when Alexander introduced this one.


It’s obviously been on...

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Paul Gilbert 2021 Pedalboard Dynamics and Essential Tone Components

BoostBoost and OverdriveChorus and VibratoCompressorCryBabyDelay WorkstationDigital DelayDigital ReverbDistortionDriveDunlop EffectsFulltone EffectsJHS PedalsKlone and Transparent OverdriveLoop-SwitcherModulationMXRNeo InstrumentsOneControlOverdrivePower SuppliesReverb WorkstationRotary SpeakerTC ElectronicUni-Vibe and VibeUtilityVoodoo Lab+-

I have long been a fan of the highly convivial Paul Gilbert - with his Racer X Scarified fretboard workout being a particular favourite of mine. Paul is one of the most naturally gifted players out there and can pretty much play anything in any style. He’s a big fan of the Beatles and can play near enough their whole back catalog off the cuff.


There’s certainly plenty to admire about Paul - a lifetime Ibanez Artist with a few signature guitars and pedals to his name. What I...

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9 of the Best Pigtronix Pedals

DelayDelay WorkstationDigital DelayEnvelope Filter and Auto WahFuzzFuzz-Drive and FuzzstortionGuitar Synth and SequencerLooperModulationOctave FuzzOctaverPhaserPigtronixPitchRing ModulationRotary SpeakerSilicon FuzzTremolo+-

Beyond its most recent Mini Pedals, Pigtronix is another brand which seems to be floating somewhat under the radar today in most regards. They have a number of innovative and classic pedals - some of which alas have been discontinued fairly recently, but all are very worthy contenders in their respective genres / categories.


They’e one of the brands that has increasingly focused on Mini Pedals of late - which include some incredibly innovative and state-of-the-art pedals for that...

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32 Key Guitar Effects Pedal Types - Preferred Compact Pedal per Type

Acoustic SimulatorAmbient EffectsAmp and Cab IR SimAnalog DelayBeat MachineBig Muff Style FuzzBitcrushing and Lo-FiBlues Breaker Style OverdriveBlues Driver Style OverdriveBoostBoost and OverdriveBossBrown Sound DistortionBufferChase Bliss AudioChorus and VibratoCompressorCrazy Tube CircuitsCryBabyDelayDelay WorkstationDigital DelayDigital ReverbDistortionDouble TrackingDr ScientistDriveDrive WorkstationDual-DriveDumble Style OverdriveDunlop EffectsEchoverbElectro-HarmonixEnvelope Filter and Auto WahEQFeaturedFlangerFuzzFuzz Face Style FuzzFuzz-Drive and FuzzstortionGated and Velcro FuzzGermanium FuzzGlitchGranular DelayGuitar Synth and SequencerJackson AudioJAM PedalsJHS PedalsKlone and Transparent OverdriveLo-Fi DelayLooperMaestro Style FuzzMarshall Style DistortionModulated FuzzModulationModulation WorkstationMulti-DriveMulti-FXNoise GateOCD Style OverdriveOctave FuzzOctaverOddball DelayOddball FuzzODR Style OverdriveOpAmp FuzzOverdrivePeterson TunersPhaserPitchPlate ReverbRack Style ReverbRat Style FuzzReverbReverb WorkstationRotary SpeakerShimmer ReverbSilicon FuzzSinvertekSource AudioSpacey ReverbSpring ReverbSuper-Fuzz StyleTape DelayTC ElectronicTimmyTone Bender Style FuzzTremoloTubescreamer Style OverdriveTunersTweed Style OverdriveUni-Vibe and VibeUtilityVolumeVox Style DistortionVS AudioWah and Fixed WahWalrus Audio+-

It was only natural that the Compact Format Preferred Versions feature should follow the Mini examples. Again largely inspired by the recent ’12 Degrees’ projects.


Once more I’ve had a change of mind on some of the candidates and the preferred examples are slightly different to those previous references. Obviously new pedals have arisen, and priorities and preferences can shift fairly regularly based on prevailing mood.


That said, most of these are long-term...

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