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Hamstead Soundworks Launches BASSier Subspace Intergalactic Driver

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I was one of the first to latch onto the Hamstead Odyssey nearly 2 years ago, and have featured that a number of times on this blog. While the Subspace initially started off as a Bass Odyssey - or a derivation of that circuit which better preserved the low-end and low-mid frequencies - to be used very specifically as a Bass Overdrive.


Earlier prototypes of the pedal featured exactly the same controls and topology as the original Odyssey - with just the circuit tuned somewhat differently. While recent innovations have seen the addition of 2 further controls. A ’Parallel’ Dry Blend knob which allows you to mix in the clean signal in parallel, with 12 o’c being unity, and capable of x2 boost when cranked fully clockwise.


Furthermore on the rear of the pedal you will find a 0dB | -10dB switch which allows you to lower the Input Gain for more subtle drive tones. So while intended originally for Bass players, the Subspace has actually turned out really rather versatile and highly suitable for those guitar players too who have a preference for those deeper darker timbres that this pedal is so capable of.


There’s actually a significant history of guitar players using first Bass Amps and then Bass Amp derived pedals for their core sound. Pedals in similar territory that I’ve covered before include the Catalinbread Formula 5F6 (Fender Tweed Bassman) Catalinbread SFT (Ampeg SVT), and Paradox Effects Terran Re-Voicing Overdrive. I will probably do a later feature on ’Bass Style Overdrive Pedals that are Great for Guitars Too’!


The now nicely rounded 10 controls for the Hamstead Subspace Intergalactic Driver are as follows:

  • Tone = Level of High Frequencies in the Drive Circuit
  • Bass = Active Bass Control - adds or cuts 18dB of bass frequencies
  • Treble = Active Treble Control - adds or cuts 18dB of Treble Frequencies
  • Gain = Level of Gain in the Drive Circuit
  • Parallel = Parallel Dry Blend Control : Blends Dry Signal in Parallel, unity is 12 o’c, max is 2X / x2 boost level
  • Level = Output Level of potentially 32dB of Gain when fully cranked
  • Clipping = C1-C2-C3 : Symmetrical | Asymmetrical | Dual clipping
  • EQ = PR-EQ-PO : Pre Drive | Clean Boost (Tone+Gain+ Clipping ByPass) | Post Boost
  • Boost = X2-X1-X5 : Gain level multiplier / boost
  • Input Gain = 0dB | -10dB : for more subtle lower gain drive tones

Of course same as the Odyssey, the Subspace features the amazingly smooth OptoKick optical footswitch from GigRig!


I really love my original Odyssey, and like what I’ve heard so far of the Subspace - even though there aren’t many guitar demos of it around at the moment. I will likely consider adding this one to the Tone Library possibly in preference to the Catalinbread SVT which I was also considering - although this is not exactly a priority for me right now, so probably some time next year as I have a number of other priorities I need to handle first / by year end!

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