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Spaceman Effects Launches the Much Anticipated Sputnik III Germanium Fuzz - as predicted on this very site

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I kind of knew this one was coming for a while - as I predicted back in July of last year, and as was supported by my insider friend Justin who confirmed back in March that this was indeed the candidate for the latest Secret Mission prototype.


I initially kind of expected a little more extra to what was delivered, as in my mockup I thought we would have perhaps a couple more quirky new functions / controls. But on balance, I realise that the pedal is plenty quirky enough as is, and really does not need anything extra. I already have the Sputnik I in its Red Cyrillic Edition, and I was at one point thinking that I possibly would not need the MKIII, as the large toggle switches on the compact can be flicked by a well-place toe - but it is rather fiddly!

PT 2

I have though of course now decided that I will definitely be getting in this latest version too - I like the Standard and Red Editions the best this time around - $269 and $399 respectively (or Cheapest and Dearest versions!). Although within these current times, I'm not sure I can justify the additional $130 outlay for the Red - while it would make a very attractive matching pair for my MKI.


Controls are really simple and elgant, as follows :

  • Scan = Chaos Scrambler - sort of a warbly bit-crushy effect (not dissimilar to scanning for FM radio stations) activated by the Left-hand 'Drift' Footswitch - you get more Chaos with the dial CW
  • < Mids > = A Mid Scoop / Flat EQ toggle switch - in place of the previous models' Filter Switches, works in tandem with the 'Calibrate' Tone control
  • Signal = Output Level
  • Calibrate = Tone Control - More Lows CCW, Brighter CW - work in tandem with top 'Mids' toggle-switch
  • Range = Degree of Transistor Gain
  • Drift Footswitch = Engage to Activate Chaos Scrambler / 'Scan' mode - controlled by said knob, and can be used in momentary and latching fashion
  • Bypass Footswith = On/Off

Note that footswitches are all-new soft-touch true-bypass relay switches - which you can see visibly by their change of form. Also the LED is a Dual-Function one to indicate when Pedal is On, and when Drift/Scan mode is Active.


The Sputnik series uses the most amazing sounding Russian originated Germanium Transistors which have lovely searing high gain, and saturation and sustain for days! You should all definitely have at least one Sputnik in your collections - the original has long been one of my favourite fuzzes. I feel a touch that Zak should be rewarding me for this ongoing high quality coverage with a complementary unit of my own! Else I will be forced to wait for these to reach these shores eventually - Andertons and the like.


Here is the pick of the YouTube demos that accompanied the release :

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