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Boost and Overdrive


16 of the Best Medium and Large Fuzz Pedals - 2019 Edition

AmptweakerBeetronics FXBig Muff Style FuzzBognerDeath By AudioDwarfcraftFunction FXFuzzFuzz Face Style FuzzFuzz-Drive and FuzzstortionGated and Velcro FuzzGermanium FuzzLone Wolf AudioMaestro Style FuzzModulated FuzzOctave FuzzOddball FuzzOld Blood Noise EndeavorsOpAmp FuzzOscillating FuzzRainger FXSeymour DuncanSilicon FuzzStone Deaf EffectsSuper-Fuzz StyleThorpyFXTone Bender Style FuzzToneczarWalrus AudioWamplerZander Cicuitry+-

I originally intended to do a 20 strong feature, but decided that since I had already covered 5 medium pedals in my recent ’Rat’ overview I could get away with 16 here. Since some of the enclosure sizes here are quite large, it doesn’t really make sense to cram in too many - so the 16 limit just about does the job. Whenever I do one of these features I always feel that I may have overlooked some essential/s - if you could please let me know in the comments if I’ve missed...

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16 of the Best Glitch Effects Pedals

CatalinbreadCopilot FXDelayDigital DelayDigital ReverbDrolo EffectsDwarfcraftEnvelope Filter and Auto WahGlitchGranular DelayHexe EffectsHexe Guitar ElectronicsLooperMalekko Heavy IndustryModulationModulation WorkstationMontreal AssemblyMWFXOddball DelayOddball ModulationPitchPitch-ShiftingPladask ElektriskRecovery EffectsRed Panda LabReverbRing ModulationSlicer and StutterSpacey ReverbThe King of GearTKOGUtility+-

I’m sort of getting to full saturation point with drive, distortion and fuzz pedals - with my ’2018 Year of Fuzz’ coming to a close it’s time to direct my attentions slightly further afield and in new directions. I’ve always had an interest in sort of randomised textural effects - which means that my next significant area of interest will be that roughly defined by the category of ’Glitch’.


Most of the featured devices here are different types ...

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4 Next Level Medium Enclosure Phasers

DwarfcraftModulationMr Black PedalsPhaserSpaceman EffectsSubdecay Effects+-

When I did my piece on 9 of the Best Phaser Pedals back in July of last year, the Subdecay Quasar DLX was probably the most feature-rich of those mentioned. Now nearly a year later we have 4 slightly unusual medium-sized phasers all vying for attention within pretty much the same sort of form-factor - and each is really quite different from the other.


As I was compiling that piece, it was just a fraction in advance of the release of the Spaceman Effects Explorer. I’ve developed ...

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Best of Summer NAMM 2018 - Pedals, Guitars and Amps

Alexander PedalsAmp CabinetAmp HeadAmpsBig Muff Style FuzzBoostBoost and OverdriveBossChorus and VibratoCompressorDelayDigital ReverbDistortionDriveDual-DriveDumble Style OverdriveDwarfcraftEVH GearFenderFuzzFuzz-Drive and FuzzstortionGated and Velcro FuzzGermanium FuzzGFI SystemGigging AmpGlitchGuitar AccessoriesGuitarsHome-Play AmpHungry Robot EffectsKlone and Transparent OverdriveKorora AudioLo-Fi DelayMagnetic EffectsMassive UnityMatthews EffectsMetal DistortionModulationModulation WorkstationMulti-DriveMXROctave FuzzOctaverOddball FuzzOddball ModulationOffset GuitarsOhmless PedalsOld Blood Noise EndeavorsOscillating FuzzOverdrivePhaserPitchPitch-ShiftingRat Style FuzzReverbReverb WorkstationSilicon FuzzSoundBrutS-Style and Double-Cut GuitarsSuhrTape DelayThe King of GearTube AmpTubescreamer Style OverdriveUtilityWay Huge EffectsWireless+-

I always expect to be excited by the new prospects introduced at Summer NAMM, but it can be somewhat antic-climactic, particularly compared to this year’s very formidable Winter NAMM show. Several pedals that were announced there are still alas somewhat in the ether. I was expecting to see updates of the Empress Zoia and the Keeley Stereo Tape Delay pedal - but those were not forthcoming, which most probably means some production delays - I certainly can’t imagine the Zoia is going ...

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12 of the Best Envelope Filter Pedals - 2018 Edition

3Leaf AudioAnalog.ManDeath By AudioDwarfcraftEarthQuaker DevicesElectro-HarmonixEnvelope Filter and Auto WahModulationMojo Hand FXMu-TronPigtronixSubdecay EffectsVFE PedalsWMD Devices+-

UPDATE - When I originally wrote this piece in October of last year, I seem to have overlooked some of the more compact pedals - possibly because they were hard to get or out of stock at the time. Now as my pedal-chain has reached 39 slots, there is no way I could accommodate anything beyond a compact-size pedal - so I’ve appended those original choices to this features - namely the Analog.Man Block Letter Envelope Filter, the Mu-FX Micro-Tron III and VFE Mini Mu.


I have already ...

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9 of the Best Envelope Filter Pedals for Your Consideration

3Leaf AudioDeath By AudioDwarfcraftEarthQuaker DevicesElectro-HarmonixEnvelope Filter and Auto WahModulationMojo Hand FXPigtronixSubdecay EffectsWMD Devices+-

NOTE - newer update : [here]


I have already covered off some of the simpler Envelope Filter pedals in my piece on Wah / Auto Wah pedals. All of those featured here are somehwat more feature-rich and add different flavours into the mix like fuzz, phasing and oscillation. I tend to me more aligned to the more compact pedals - so most of these are a little large for my needs, my Boss MD-500 has some superb filter options too and really supplies me with most of the envelope filter ...

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9 of the Best Ring Modulation Pedals for Your Consideration

Alexander PedalsDOD EffectsDwarfcraftElectro-HarmonixFairfield CircuitryModulationMontreal AssemblyRing ModulationSubdecay EffectsWay Huge EffectsZvex+-

Ring Modulation is quite the ’Marmite’ type of outlier modulation. There’s not a whole load of people that love this effect, but those that do really do. I have 3 pedals which do ring modulation - the Dr Scientist BitQuest, the Strymon Mobius, and the Boss MD-500 - all of those are more generalist modulation pedals - while the ones featured below are more specialist.


I rarely ever used the Ring Mod mode (Quadrature) on my Strymon Mobius, and although I can dial in ...

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9 of the Best Pitch-Shifter and Harmonizer Pedals for Your Consideration

BossDigiTechDwarfcraftEarthQuaker DevicesElectro-HarmonixEventideFuzzHarmonizerMooerOddball FuzzPitchPitch-ShiftingTC Electronic+-

It’s really cool that Eventide in its PitchFactor workstation pedal - has a big box equivalent to the usual modulation, delay and reverb types. Yet Eventide is alone in compiling / combining such a full range of pitch-shifting and harmonizing effects into one pedal - there really is no other equivalent to that collection of 10 modes - Diatonic | Quadravox | Harmonic Modulator | MicroPitch | H910 / H949 Harmonizer | PitchFlex | Octaver | Crystals | HarPeggiator | Synhonizer. Everyone else ...

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2017 Guitar Pedals seems to be all about Dual Action Effects

Atomic AmpsBig Muff Style FuzzBoost and OverdriveBuild Your Own CloneBYOCChase Bliss AudioDelayDelay WorkstationDiezelDigital DelayDigital ReverbDistortionDriveDual-DriveDwarfcraftEchoverbEmerson EffectsEmpress EffectsFriedman EffectsFuzzFuzz-Drive and FuzzstortionKeeley EngineeringMetal DistortionMooerMulti-DriveOCD Style OverdriveOverdrivePitchPitch-ShiftingReverbReverb WorkstationSource AudioStrymon+-

My last pedal post was about Modulation, Delay and Reverb where I featured 12 pedals - 3 each at the different size footprints. I professed an unswerving devotion to Strymon at the top end of that scale and said I would be most unlikely to swap out any of those pedals. However, as things often are, I have watched a number of the demo videos, and am increasingly enamoured by the brand new Empress EchoSystem Dual Delay - which now happens to lie at the top of my current wishlist.


The ...

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