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Boost and Overdrive


A Tale of 2 Rats - JHS and Kinnatone Modded ProCo Rat 2 Pedals

DistortionFuzzFuzz-Drive and FuzzstortionJHSKinnatoneProCoRat DistortionRat Style Fuzz+-

The venerable ProCo Rat was first introduced back in 1978, and became one of the key distortion / fuzzstortion sounds of the 80’s in particular. Numerous bands past and present have had this as one of their key tone ingredients, and earlier versions of the pedal are still very collectable.


The interesting tones that the Rat generated came about somewhat by happenstance in using a fairly inefficient OpAmp chip which had all manner of quirky functional qualities - not least its low...

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16 of the Best Rat Style Fuzz/Distortion Pedals

1981 InventionsAnimals PedalBasic AudioBuild Your Own CloneBYOCCaroline Guitar CompanyDr ScientistEarthbound AudioElectro-HarmonixFoxpedalFuzzFuzz-Drive and FuzzstortionJAM PedalsLone Wolf AudioMagnetic EffectsOpAmp FuzzProCoRatRat Style FuzzThorpyFXVFE PedalsWalrus Audio+-

I think that the Rat style is possibly my favourite style of dirt pedal. It really depends how distinctly you classify all the Marshall pedals I have versus the already 8 Rat-style pedals in the collection (Actually 10 really, but 7 in the top 16 feature).


So my current all-time Rat-style champ is not always associated with the genre even though it is a full-throttle OmpAmp-driven fuzzstortion chaos machine - I am of course referring to Dr Scientist’s formidable Frazz Dazzler ...

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9 of the Best Larger Enclosure Fuzz Pedals Pt I

Beetronics FXBig Muff Style FuzzDeath By AudioEarthbound AudioFunction F(X)Function FXFuzzFuzz-Drive and FuzzstortionGated and Velcro FuzzGermanium FuzzModulated FuzzOctave FuzzOddball FuzzOld Blood Noise EndeavorsOpAmp FuzzOscillating FuzzProCoRainger FXRatRat Style FuzzSilicon FuzzStone Deaf EffectsThorpyFX+-

I have indicated several times in my posts that I love Compact Enclosure pedals the best, but I also have an affinity for Mini pedals - particularly Mini Boost, Compressors, Fuzz and Overdrive. I never thought it was likely to happen, but for my preferred Klone pedal I went from an original Mini Tumnus up to the Deluxe version, but that slot is now taken by the diminutive Decibelics Golden Horse - which I prefer to both of the Tumni!


I have also indicated many times that I’m not ...

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12 of the Best Rat Style Fuzz Pedals

Arc EffectsBig Muff Style FuzzBlakemore EffectsBuild Your Own CloneBYOCDr ScientistFoxpedalFuzzFuzz-Drive and FuzzstortionFuzzrociousJAM PedalsMooerProCoRat Style FuzzRetro-SonicVFE PedalsWalrus Audio+-

Note - new / updated feature : [here]


I’ve always liked the ProCo Rat sound - as utilised by the Arctic Monkeys and hundreds of other indie and alternative rock bands. There is always the debate as to whether the Rat should be considered a Fuzz or more of a Drive / Distortion type pedal - I definitely have it as a fuzz pedal - it has that very obvious fuzz sizzle to its core tone. I might concede this to the neologism - fuzztortion which covers both - but the fuzz stays! The Rat&...

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18 of the Best Fuzz Pedals for Your Consideration

Analog.ManBig Muff Style FuzzChase Bliss AudioDr ScientistEarthQuaker DevicesEWS EffectsFoxpedalFulltone EffectsFuzzFuzz Face Style FuzzFuzz-Drive and FuzzstortionGated and Velcro FuzzGermanium FuzzJHS PedalsMagnetic EffectsMalekko Heavy IndustryMcSpunckle EffectsModulated FuzzOctave FuzzOddball FuzzOld Blood Noise EndeavorsOneControlOpAmp FuzzOscillating FuzzProCoRainger FXRat Style FuzzSilicon FuzzStone Deaf EffectsSubdecay EffectsSuper-Fuzz StyleWamplerZvex+-

When I got back into guitar I had some foolish odd notion that I did not like fuzz, and would only concentrate on Overdrive and Distortion sounds. Yet I soon realised that many of my favourite saturation sounds are in fact fuzz-based, and that fuzzes can be used in a variety of ways and in a number of different voicings. There are several different categories of fuzz from smooth warm vintage, through octave fuzz, fuzz-distortion (Muff | Rat), velcro / gated fuzz, and on to super-saturated ...

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