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Boost and Overdrive


Pedal Design 101 - Pedal Primary Colour Wheel and which Pedals 'Own' a particular Colour

Analog DelayBlues Driver Style OverdriveBondi EffectsBoost and OverdriveBossCompressorDelayDiamond PedalsDistortionDriveFlangerGuitar Gear Improvements and PrototypesIbanezLovepedalMarshall Style DistortionModulationMXROverdrivePhaserTremoloT-Rex EffectsTubescreamer Style OverdriveUtility+-

Update! This feature inspired 7 further articles - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Sky Blue and Purple.


This feature was inspired by a couple of different events - firstly ongoing conversations I have been having with Fjord Fuzz’s Daniel Thornhill about the colour of LEDs for different pedal types, and secondly an odd Q&A episode of That Pedal Show where Dan was trying to match a pedal to the colour of his yellow trousers or pants as some of you like to call them.


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Best of Danish Guitar Pedals and Pedal Builders

Boost and OverdriveCarl MartinCioksDelayEffects Pedal MakersEmma ElectronicsFuzzFuzz Face Style FuzzGermanium FuzzKlone and Transparent OverdriveLooperLunastoneModulationNordvang CustomOctave FuzzOddball FuzzOpAmp FuzzOverdrivePower SuppliesRat Style FuzzReuss EffectsSilicon FuzzTape DelayTC ElectronicT-Rex EffectsUni-Vibe and VibeUtilityVulvan Mulciber+-

Denmark is a country which is known for punching above its weight - particularly in the field of exports - with a number of globally renown brands in several categories - including Bang and Olufsen, Ecco shoes, Georg Jensen jewellery, LEGO, The Republic of Fritz Hansen furniture (Arne Jacobsen etc.) and Stelton homewares. So it’s no surprise really that so many of its pedal brands are well-known too - particularly of course TC Electronic - which is one of the overall Big 4 along with Boss...

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Best of Mini, Compact, Medium and Large OCD Style / Crunchy Overdrive Pedals

Boost and OverdriveEmpress EffectsHamstead SoundworksMooerOCD Style OverdriveT-Rex Effects+-

Your immediate reaction to the above visual may well be - where’s the bleedin’ Fulltone OCD in all of this - well that’s all part of the narrative - as follows. When I got into guitar again a few years back, there were all manner of overdrives and drives that were deemed to be essential for any serious electric guitar player - and I took to acquiring and comparing those - which led to my ’12 Degrees of Saturation’ Methodology.


Much of this was just ...

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12 of the Best Tape Delay Pedals for your Consideration

Analog DelayBossCatalinbreadDawner Prince EffectsDelayDigital DelayDunlop EffectsEarthQuaker DevicesEmpress EffectsGurus AmpsKeeley EngineeringStrymonTape DelayT-Rex EffectsWampler+-

There have been 3 legendary analogue tape-style delay engines that everyone agrees on:

  • Binson Echorec 2 (1961-79)
  • Maestro Echoplex EP-3 (1970 - 1991)
  • Roland RE-201 Space Echo (1974 - 1990)

All those 3 have a significant influence and impact on many if not most of those featured here - which are either direct simulations of those former classics, or pay some sort of lip-service to them. T-Rex have a full-size faithful modern reproduction of the Echorec in the works which is imminent for ...

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9 of the Best Octave Pedals for Your Consideration

BossEarthQuaker DevicesElectro-HarmonixMooerOctaverPitchTC ElectronicT-Rex EffectsTWA EffectsWalrus Audio+-

This quest originally started with my considering various Octave Fuzz pedals - in fact if you look up ’Octave’ on a typical guitar store, the majority of pedals revealed are of the fuzz type. I spent long and hard considering exactly which pedal to get, and if it should be the Hendrix octave up, octave down or in both directions. Having considered everything on offer in that category, I decided that I would probably be better off getting a fully stand-alone octave pedal which I ...

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The Importance of Clean Pedal Power - Optimising Power Supply to Improve Tone!

Carl MartinCioksDecibel ElevenFriedman EffectsGuitar AccessoriesMXRPedal ManiaPedalboard and Pedal-ChainPower SuppliesStrymonTheGigRigT-Rex EffectsTruetoneUtilityVoodoo LabWalrus Audio+-

I must confess that I have thus far not paid sufficient mind to the exact power needs of my aforementioned fairly lengthy pedal chain (see Pedal Chain Delight). In fact I use 6 different power-supplies and probably too much daisy-chaining at the moment. Improbably though, my chain is still remarkably noise-free (perhaps not totally 100%), but I pretty much know where it could do with improvements.


A key problem is that decent, properly isolated power supplies are relatively dear, and I...

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NAMM 2017 New Product Highlights

AmpsBeat MachineBoost and OverdriveBossChase Bliss AudioDelayDelay WorkstationDiezelDigital DelayDigital ReverbDigiTechDistortionEchoverbEmpress EffectsErnie Ball Music ManFuzzFuzz-Drive and FuzzstortionGuitarsIbanezKeeley EngineeringLine 6 VariaxModulationMooerNAMMPRS Sonzera AmpsReverbReverb WorkstationSource AudioStrandbergSupro GuitarsSynergy AmpsTape DelayTeenage EngineeringT-Rex EffectsTube AmpWamplerWampler Bravado+-

So I witnessed my first NAMM Show since getting back on the guitar trail - from the comfort of my domestic lounge of course.


It was kind of fast and furious as expected but not quite the volume of videos that were promised. Andertons again leading the way, with sterling efforts from Reverb, Henning Pauly, Phil McKnight and Louis Tone King too.


Captain Lee - Mr Anderton himself kind of ’won’ NAMM in being gifted his dream PRS McCarty Guitar - by Paul Reed himself, ...

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