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Advertising & Sponsorhip




I’m an ex advertising industry man and not particularly fond of the intrusive nature of traditional style banner media. I much prefer complimentary media on the site - by way of Native Advertising / Advertorial, Product Placement and Sponsorship / Endorsement. The only ’banners’ in place currently are the ’Supporters’ logo buttons in the right column. These appear on nearly every page of the site. If you want to be a Supporter I would create a 318 x 80 button for you from EPS / JPEG / GIF supplied. You can by all means propose your own version, but I will then give you options on what fits in best visually within the style guidelines of the site - i.e. typically reversed or bold colour out of a dark or black-ish patterned or plain background.





I’m general open to discussions on how companies and individuals might want to get involved in this site, but for reasons of editorial policy, ethics and quality control - everything goes through me. I assemble, curate, design, re-touch and edit everything that appears on this site. I will not be accepting guest contributions as such - but would rather take a brief, and write in my own style so it fits in perfectly with the editorial policy and style and flow of the site.



Content Categories


If you view the Index Page you can see the categories and areas we cover. We essentially have two types of articles:

  1. News - long-form articles
  2. Glance - Bite-size updates that fit on a single screen of a typical mobile phone

News articles can be any length really and cover a more in-depth approach, while Glance features are really just different types of announcements - mostly product Announcements, Launches and Events



Main Options

  1. 318 x 80 Supporter Button
  2. News or Glance Native Advertising / Advertorial
  3. Comparative Pedal Review*

* - I rarely review pedals in isolation, I usually compare them to other notable and preferred alternatives at different size and price points within the relevant category/ies. I may on occasion hold onto a pedal for a broader category overview. Always contact me first before sending in samples - if you send something in unsolicited, then I cannot guarantee what may or may not become of that particular sample.


Note - requests may be turned down on the basis of editorial and curatorial conflict. It’s not a given that everything will be given a home on - but we will endeavour to be as accommodating as our code of quality allows.



Proposals and Contacts


If you want to get involved with Guitar Pedal X - please use the Contact Us form on the site, or else email me directly to : Stefan Karlsson |