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Boost and Overdrive

I first spotted the On Air Fuzz + Boost when it was in its silver Power Pedals format back in early 2020. An even earlier version of the pedal was showcased by Josh Scott on this JHS Pedal Show YouTube Channel back in October of 2019, as per the below reference, and while I’m pretty sure I watched all those JHS videos from the start - I can’t recall whether that earliest 4-knob version of the On Air registered particularly strongly. For sure the silver 5-knob edition piqued my ...

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Readers of his blog will know how keen I am on some of Pete Cornish’s Pedals - with the CC-1 Cornish Crunch Overdrive typically at the top of that list for me. In order to celebrate no less than 45 years in the business - Pete Cornish has designed a brand new 3-Gain-Stage Overdrive Circuit - which also takes full advantage of 3-Band Active EQ. The circuit makes use of some very clever electronics - which gradually switch from Soft to Hard Clipping, and progressively add gain stages, ...

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Becos FX Unleashes Super-Versatile TS808-style Mini Signature Jordan Ziff - Ziffer Overdrive

Becos FXBoost and OverdriveOverdriveTubescreamer Style Overdrive+-

Castel Barac’s latest pedal is a distillation and enhancement of the TS8-MS Overdrive and Midi Amp Channel Switcher. That pedal had been extensively used by artist Jordan Ziff - where it was collaboratively decided that Becos FX would hone that compact pedal circuit more towards Jordan’s requirements.


The TS8-MS has Gain, Tone, and Level Knobs with 3-way Classic / Asymmetric / Custom Clipping options - all of which are retained for the new smaller pedal.


In fact ...

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GFI System Launches the Third of its Slimline Medium Enclosure Series - The 3-Mode Rossie Dynamic Multi-Filter Pedal

DelayDelay WorkstationDigital DelayDigital ReverbEnvelope Filter and Auto WahGFI SystemModulationReverbReverb Workstation+-

I’m a little late to get stuck into GFI System’s New Slimline Medium Enclosure Series - which was launched with the Orca Delay and Skylar Reverb back in May of this year. That new format of pedals borrows a mix of features and functionality from GFI’s now former Compact Horizontal Series - i.e. Clockwork Delay and Specular Reverb, as well as its flagship Synesthesia Dual-Channel Multi-Modulator.


In fact it looks like the Orca and Skylar are actually replacements for ...

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2021 July Boss Month Pedal-Chain Update - Episode VII - Boss Level Endgame

Bardic Audio DevicesBlues Driver Style OverdriveBoostBoost and OverdriveBossBoss MonthBrown Sound DistortionChorus and VibratoDecibelicsDelayDelay WorkstationDigital DelayDigital ReverbDistortionDriveDrive WorkstationDual-DriveEffects Pedal MakersEnvelope Filter and Auto WahEQFlangerFuzzFuzz Face Style FuzzGermanium FuzzHarmonizerInterchange Noise WorksKlirrton ManufakturKMA AudioLooperMarshall Style DistortionMetal DistortionModulationModulation WorkstationMulti-DriveMulti-FXNoise GateOctave FuzzOctaverOverdrivePhaserPitchPitch-ShiftingReverbReverb WorkstationSilicon FuzzSuper-Fuzz StyleTape DelayTremoloTubescreamer Style OverdriveUtilityVox Style DistortionWah and Fixed Wah+-

So this is the culmination of my first ever ’Boss Month’ concerted focus on everything Boss! I do hope you enjoyed the broad sweep of all those articles - and had some fun with my speculative projections and suggestions. The natural end to all of that is of course to set out the pedal-chain as a Peak Boss implementation - using what I have within my extensive Boss collection. I of course had to add a few more units - but only a handful really. I’m guessing some who don’t...

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I’ve long been fan of Christian Livingstone’s Magnetic Effects - his Fuzzes in particular, and with my acquisition of this Eye to Eye Phaser, my total is up to 8 - including the celebrated White Atom and Solar Bender Fuzzes, also Black Moon, Buzzer, Buzzkill, Dual Drive, and Lonely Robot.


I’ve always felt that Chris’s pedals are beautifully put together and very reasonably priced. I’ve had some exposure to his band The Datsuns - and I’m totally blown...

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Should Boss roll out more Dual-OverDrive Collaborations - and if so which two pedals should be combined?

Big Muff Style FuzzBoost and OverdriveBossDistortionDriveDual-DriveEffects Pedal MakersElectro-HarmonixFuzzIbanezJHS PedalsOverdriveTubescreamer Style Overdrive+-

This post was prompted by an Instagram follower - stating that Boss should really do more Dual-OverDrive varieties like the JB-2 Angry Driver - including resurrecting the original SD-2 Dual OverDrive in some way - which was in production from 1993 to 1998. Lots of people love that pedal - the ’Lead’ voicing in particular - in fact that pedal has long been an acquisition target of mine, and this article finally pushed me into getting my own unit - where I’ve ordered a fairly ...

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Markus Reeves is Opening up his Order Book for the first time this year - for Waitlist Wednesday, Tomorrow 28th of July, 00:00-23:59 Hrs BST

BoostBoost and OverdriveEffects Pedal MakersFuzzFuzz Face Style FuzzReeves Electro Guitar PedalsSilicon FuzzTone Bender Style Fuzz+-

I’ve been a huge fan of Markus Reeves’ point-to-point-wired circuits - since having been alerted to them by Brian Wampler. I was lucky enough to secure a rare BlackHatSound MKI-style fuzz during that original production run - as per the below reference. And Markus seems to have been able to secure 22 more pairs of those rare TO106 TUN ‘Blackhat’ Transistors. He has made 20 more regular-sized / compact RedHatSound editions, as well as a couple of his big-box BlackHatSound...

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The Ever-Expanding Boss HM-2 Twin Peaks Heavy Metal Distortion Capsule Collection

Abominable ElectronicsBardic Audio DevicesBlackhawk AmplificationBossDecibelicsDistortionKlirrton ManufakturKMA AudioLone Wolf AudioMetal DistortionXIX Tech FX+-

There’s no doubt that I’m a fan of the HM-2 format - and there are some very fine derivations of that circuit out there in all different shapes and sizes. Much like in many parts of my collection I try to assemble a carefully curated selection of the very best examples out there - and obviously there are plenty of new surprises evolving which keep you on your toes.


My original capsule collection was all set to have 7 classic pedals - while there have been a slew of great ...

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All-Time Personal Favourite Boss OverDrive and Distortion Pedals

Blues Driver Style OverdriveBoostBoost and OverdriveBossBoss MonthBrown Sound DistortionDistortionDriveDual-DriveMarshall Style DistortionMetal DistortionOverdriveTubescreamer Style Overdrive+-

Following on from my recent piece on Unsung Boss OverDrives and Distortions - I though I should also list which my own personal favourites were of all of Boss’s classic gain pedals. In fact I own multiple varieties and alternatives for all these feature ones - bar essentially for the original OD-1 - where I’ve always wanted one of the very earliest editions with the now super-rare 14-pin/leg RC3403D Chip - but not found one yet in the right condition, or at the right price! Most ...

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2021 July Boss Month Pedal-Chain Update - Episode VII - Boss Level Endgame
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2021 July Boss Month Pedal-Chain Update - Episode VII - Boss Level Endgame
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