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Boost and Overdrive

Mike Fuller Teases Updated MKII Plimsoul Drive - which now looks like it's going to be a Custom Shop Edition

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The new version of the Plimsoul has been housed in the same new type of enclosure as the recent Queen Bee Fuzz which I have and love - including of course top mounted jacks and easier access to the insides. It also seems to have borrowed the 3-way Bass Boost from the Queen Bee - set in its centre.


While the main knobs are exactly the same - they are just differently sized and labelled. We used to have Level, Sustain, Hi-Cut and Stage 2 - but those exact controls correlate with Volume, Soft-Clip, Treble, and Hard-Clip on the newer pedal.


I have the purple one pictured to the left - which I always took as the MKII variant - as there was an earlier 2-tone version of said pedal. Looks like that was just a re-housing exercise - where the circuit stayed near enough the same. Much like all the OCD 1.X variants I suppose.


With the newer pedal here it’s not 100% clear what changes have been made to the circuit beyond the addition of the 3-Way Bass Boost. I have always found the pedal slightly dark and dense in texture / nature - and somewhat more aligned to single-coil guitars.


I find that the OCD is much the preferable overdrive for Humbuckers - while the Plimsoul can still deliver pleasing tones there - I just feel it’s much better suited to Single Coils, as I have reported previously.


I will of course hold back my verdict until the new demos are out. For now I’m not sure this is particularly for me - but I remain open to persuasion. According to an article stub on the Fulltone site - there’s an indication that this will be priced at $199.


Do we have any Plimsoul fans out there - or are you more OCD-centric like me!


Here follows a classic Andy Martin workout on the incumbent pedal. I will provide an updated Demo as soon as one such materialises :

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