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I’ve been aware of the American Pedal Genie effects pedal rental service for a while now - chiefly because I follow Gearmanndude and he is often demoing pedals he got through Pedal Genie. I’m not sure if he’s got some sort of a special arrangement with them, but he obviously seems to land all the latest and greatest pedals with relative ease (perhaps he gets priority) - and I’ve taken many a steer from Gearmanndude including on the Spaceman Titan II Fuzz and the Bearfoot...

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Happy Xmas and a Fortuitous New Year to You - may all your experiments ring true!

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This has been a pretty great year for gear overall and this particular blog is now building up nicely since its official launch back on the 1st of August. 2018 was the ’Year of Fuzz’ for me, and I still have a few stragglers to pick up - which will take me just a touch into the new year. Funnily enough I started off aiming at around 30 or so reference fuzz pedals, but have ended up somewhat north of twice that amount thus far - Fuzz is just the gift that keeps on giving if you like ...

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The Key Pedal Enclosure Sizes you are most likely to encounter

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I don’t know whether I’m particularly unique in this regard, but form-factor and enclosure size / dimensions are a key criteria for me within the pedal-acquisition process / work-flow. I have very obvious favourites, and if a pedal goes much beyond those key dimensions it lessens its appeal for me. For a while this mean that I was not at all comfortable with ThorpyFX enclosures as they are both slightly fatter, and considerable longer than the typical ’Compact’ enclosure...

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Thoughts on Modifications, Partscasters and Kit Building, and DIY Guitar Making in general

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This article was inspired by a number of things really, but most recently triggered by a few YouTube videos - by Louis The Tone King and Darrell Braun. I’ve been an avid follower of Louis, Darrell and one Ben Crowe over at Crimson Guitars for a few years now. I have watched all of Ben’s crazy guitar builds and have for a long time been tempted to go on one of the Crimson Guitar Building Courses and make my own axe as it were.


In my recent feature about Guitar Tuning ...

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Guitar Pedal X is Live!

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Guitar Pedal X [GPX] started as a series of informal / hobbyist blog posts on the Digital Business Platform corporate site. Yet as the volume of posts grew, so did its audience - and certain articles garnered a lot of views and helped popularise various concepts - like my ’12 Degrees of Saturation’ for instance.


This blog is a ToneQuest - where I seek out the best guitar gear / devices for my own particular purposes - and constantly review and revise what is out ...

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Guitar Pedal Volume Drop Issues and Solutions and the need for expansive Output Level Control

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Anyone who uses vintage and analogue modulation effects pedals will most likely have witnessed an obvious drop in volume when those pedals are activated. It’s one of the reasons I tend to avoid vintage effects - alongside their unusual power requirements, odd shapes and overly large footprints.


In some of my previous features and reviews I have been criticised for not mentioning the volume drop on certain pedals - like an EHX Electric Mistress - I though pretty much take it for ...

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Electric Guitar EQ

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So this started off as an addendum to my piece on Guitar Pedal Tone Control Alternatives, but then very much became an article in its own right, and now precedes the article it was supposed to be a part of. The majority of guitar pedals usually have one or more tone control dials or switches to amend / tune the tone of said pedal. I started looking at different forms of tone control, before investigating what in fact were the key frequencies for electric guitar, and how was it best to control ...

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Guitar Pedal Tone Controls - an Overview

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Let me start by saying that I’m not an electronic engineer, and I will leave it to the likes of Brian Wampler to explain the circuit design whys and wherefores of resistors, transistors and capacitors. I am however a pedal aficionado and have direct experience of a great many of those - and this article is based on that.


I would encourage you to read my companion piece on ’Electric Guitar EQ’ first as that relates directly to this article, and serves as a decent run ...

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Guitar Pedal Info Resources

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Throughout my personal Tone Quest I have had a lot of guidance along the way - in terms of highlighting what choices and options are out there and which might best suit my particular setup and purposes. I must confess that I have not trialled a single pedal or amp in-store! For guitars I feel it is essential to get a feel for the neck shape and overall playability - and how it suits your own style. My pedal setup is really quite complex though and I feel I would not necessarily gain sufficient ...

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Preferred Online Guitar Gear Retailers and Why Gear ResourcesGuitar Gear

I think whichever way you cut it, retail is essentially about CHOICE - about your preferences really - what price level you want to shop at, and what is available to you at that price range. Of course the more you know about guitar gear, the wider the range you are likely to be interested in, so it fits that your preferred vendor has the largest product range available within your budgetary preferences.


The internet of course has given you access to far more than ever before - meaning ...

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