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Ibanez Expands Mini Pedal Lineup to 10 with New Boost and Phaser editions

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I covered the Ibanez Mini Pedal Range back in August - when there were 8 in total. Ibanez has since decided to round out its lineup with a 2-Band EQ tone-sculpting Boost, and a 4/6 Stage switching Phaser - which provides decent competition for MXR’s ever successful Phase 95.


Both pedals have enough variety and versatility about them to be amongst the strongest contenders in their respective categories. It’s been a while since I did my classic Mini Boost roundup of 16 highly appealing types - and the vast majority of those are one-knob varieties. Only the MXR Booster has a single additional Tone control :

Pt 2

Meaning that the Ibanez BTMINI Boost is a highly compelling and worthy addition to that group.


I of course already have the MXR Phase 95 - which also has 4 and 6 Stage modes - with additional 'Script' variants thereof - while the single knob is just a Speed control. So the PHMINI Phaser is again a decent alternative to that very significant category leader :

BTMINI Boost Pedal - $99/£69


Compared to the above selection of Mini Boost pedals - the Ibanez variety stands out as the only one with a 2-Band EQ. There are lots of fantastic One Knob Wonder Mini Boosters - while ones with extended EQ / tone sculpting are somewhat rarer, The BTMINI's Bass, Treble and Level controls give it a distinct advantage in many ways.


I already have the TC Electronic Spark Mini, and Xotic Effects EP Booster and have long contemplated adding Analog.Man's excellent Beano Boost to the collection, while the Ibanez BTMINI joins that on the 'nice-to-have' wishlist.

PHMINI Phaser Pedal - $119/£99


There's actually not that many mini phasers out there - Mooer has 3 varieties including one as part of a mini expression pedal, there are also Hotone and Joyo varieties and a number of Chinese derivates - also the F-Pedals PhazeVibe, OneControl Little Green Emphaser and Xvive V6 Phaser King to name most of them. The runaway success is obviously MXR's Mini Phase 95 which of course I have. I'm not sure how much the Ibanez PHMINI can do to challenge that supremacy, while it does provide a compelling alternative.


With its 4 Controls - Depth, Feedback, Speed, and a 4/6 Stage push button - it certainly provides slightly more hands-on control over the actual phase modulation, while the Phase 95 has its equivalent 45 and 90 modes, and with additional 'Script' varieties thereof, but just a single Speed dial.


The Phase 95 is quite evidently the classic version of mini phaser - while I'm sure the new Ibanez can give it some competition - although the former has those many decades of heritage and provenance behind it which make it somewhat unassailable. Still the Ibanez is an interesting and worthy alternative.

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