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Klirrton Manufaktur Oh My Goat! Devil's Distortion Really Delivers on those Brutal BottomShaker Tones

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Carsten Pinkle’s Klirrton Manufaktur is thus far best known for its Killer Grindstein HM-2 style Death Metal Buzzsaw Pedal - which also incidentally remains high on my wishlist and has featured several times already on this site. That pedal contains 2 blendable circuits / voicings - the core HM-2 Grind, and a bass-heavy ’BottomShaker’ preamp.


So many players in fact loved the ’BottomShaker’ preamp element, that Carsten, after much consideration and some resistance, finally consented to extract and evolve that element into a fully stand-alone pedal.


Because it was the Grindstein’s Grind / HM-2 voicing which delivered most of the Mids and High Frequency content in that pedal - those elements had to be evolved and adjusted within the resulting Oh My Goat! Pedal. As in the Grindstein the BottomShaker preamp was voiced somewhat with scooped mids, and refined highs.


The Oh My Goat! is specifically developed to be run into a Clean amp’s Preamp or Poweramp - where for the latter it renders somewhat darker, and really needs the extended range and sizzle of the re-calibrated Treble control in order to properly balance the high frequency response.


So you have a 3-Band Passive EQ - with incredible range / sweep on each of those dials - for punishing lows, extended but tasteful mids, and searing, sizzling highs. The mids are actually really classy and not at all those sort of brittle and harsh mids you often get with high gain pedals. So despite the extensive range - the Oh My Goat! consistently produces largely balanced and tasteful tones.


So the EQ here is a little bit different, and we also have a built-in Boost and Noisegate. The Boost for me delivers more saturation and creaminess to the distortion really - and impacts on compression too to some degree - where for me it kind of softens or ameliorates the attack of the distortion. The core delivery is Brutal, Tight and Modern, and the Boost element can certainly impact significantly on the texture and timbre of the distortion.


The smart onboard Noisegate has 3 settings - 1 Aggressive, 2 Moderate and 3 Off (each switch up). There are also 2 Trimpots that further adjust the thresholds of the noisegate - but those are ONLY intended for the original build engineer to tweak the pedal’s core original setup - in fact those Trimpots will disappear from future editions. The advice is that you’re still better of with a dedicated stand-alone Noisegate, while the onboard one is about as decent as those get. In most circumstances that will ideally just be set to OFF.


This is obviously a proper full-on Monster Metal pedal - really targeted at most of those modern applications. If you’re looking for Brutal/Saturated/Sizzling, yet tasteful High Gain Metal Tones - then this is one of the prime candidates for you - very few pedals are as wide ranging and powerful as this - I can’t see why any heavy genre players wouldn’t be entirely satisfied.


You can get the Oh My Goat! Devil’s Distortion from the Klirrton Webstore - in stock now at €195 including VAT and Worldwide Free Delivery, but liable to sell out at any minute (batches get claimed very quickly!). This is thus far a little bit of an underground hit, but I don’t doubt it will end up in major distribution soon enough.

Sound Samples and Demos

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