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Engl Delivers its Legendary Powerball Amp Lead Channel in Compact High Gain Pedal Format

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What we have here in the Powerball EP645 is a Made-in-Germany highest quality components High Gain Distortion pedal which Engl have built themselves to sound as close to their own well-loved signature Metal Amp.


On the surface the pedal looks rather elegant in its simplicity - just a 3-Band EQ with Volume and Gain - no additional clipping, gain structure, brightness or tightness controls - and no resonance or presence. Yet the output is a very satisfying dynamic and full amp-like distortion as the following demos attest.


I have been known to be a fan of High Gain and have produced a number of articles on that subject - I’ve always liked the sounds of Engl Amps - and if you do too - then this is one for you. I’ve still to calibrate exactly where this sits on my High Gain Acquisition / Wishlist - but it is most definitely on there. I must admit that I was a little non-plussed by the original snaps of this pedal - particularly in the unlit form - where the pedal looks actually a little pedestrian when compared to a number of high level competitive offerings. I guess this has its own appeal - I believe these were properly launched ad NAMM so they should be available right now - for the princely sum of - €189.


Vid 3

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