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Death by Audio Unveils New Rooms Stereo Reverberator

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I have conceptually always loved DBA pedal, yet its finest flagships are always a little too large for my preferences. The Evil Filter for example has long hovered on my wishlist, but I am still stalled by its oversized footprint - which is the same for this fantastic Reverb.


The Rooms Stereo Reverberator somewhat justifies its size by having all the proper ports / jacks present, and 6 different algorithms / modes to get vibing with:

  • Room
  • Digital
  • Peak
  • Gate
  • Wave
  • Gong

You have two sets of 3 main controls - Frequency, Depth and Time - which appear also in miniature for the Alternative footswitch - meaning you can switch actively between two versions of the same effect. This is further supplemented by global Dry and FX controls - the latter of which controls a specific parameter/parameters in accordance with the 1-6 algorithm selected. Somewhat confusingly the Frequency and Time knobs can also mean different things for some of the modes.


This is very much intended as a sort of Lo-Fi reverberator for those slightly leftfield industrial ambient sounds. I really like the concept of this - while it could really do with presets, and some shrinkage! We’re still waiting on final pricing and release date as far as I understand. For sure another soon to be classic reverb alongside the CBA CXM 1978 and Gamechanger Light Pedal. Perhaps 2020 is the year of Reverb?

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