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Catalinbread Unleashes Gnarly Giygas Fuzz/EQ and Compact Epoch Boost PreAmp/Buffer

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Catalinbread’s new pedals for NAMM are a highly versatile / tweakable fuzz and sort of mini version of the Belle Epoch Pre. The Giygas Fuzz benefits from Tilt EQ, Mids, Dry Blend, Loud (Volume) and Fuzz Settings - where the EQ and Mids dials are both centre-detented on 900Hz for suitable strident and cutting / aggressive fuzz. The Blend control helps temper the Fuzz and bring in some of the Dry signal for ambience or damping impact - all in all a great-sounding extended-range fuzz. The Giyagas is priced at $199 and primed for imminent release.


The new Epoch Boost PreAmp/Buffer somewhat simplifies what the Epoch Pre does - with just two knobs in place of the 3 large and 2 small of its larger sibling. It’s obviously a compacted version of the circuit with controls for PreAmp (Gain) and Boost - and joins numerous other Echoplex PreAmp style boosts already on the market - my own long-term favourite in that area being the diminutive Alchemy Audio Modded Xotic EP Booster.


I wonder if Catalinbread should not have done a mini pedal enclosure version rather than the compact - the Epoch Pre of course has a stellar reputation, but is probably larger than most players would want for a boost pedal - so this is obviously fulfilling a much needed gap - I of course feel it could have been smaller still! We’ve yet to see final release details for the Boost including retail price - based on the existing range I would estimate $179.


I quite like the look of this Fuzz - there have been a number of cool new fuzzes introduce at NAMM this year - particularly octave fuzz varieties - and this one is definitely up for consideration. The boost not so much as I have other preferences already in that area.

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