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Caroline Guitar Company Teases Imminent Kilobyte Update - the Megabyte Lo-Fi Delay Computer

Caroline Guitar CompanyDelayLo-Fi Delay

New for NAMM is Caroline’s Megabyte upgrade from the well-loved Kilobyte Lo-Fi Delay. The Special Advanced Limited Run was announced pre-NAMM on the 14th - and sold out pretty much instantly as usual.


I really should have more Caroline Guitar Co pedals in my collection, but as I have such a heavy preference for compact enclosure pedals - and generally more extended-range effects - means Caroline does not always get a look-in. I do have a couple of Caroline dirt pedals on my wishlist - the Hawaiian Pizza and Wave Cannon, while hitherto I have looked elsewhere for my modulations and time-based effects. There is no doubting the quality of these pedals - much the same for me as Buffalo FX - where I would certainly have more of each if they inhabited a more compact footprint.


The new Megabyte in essence just improves on everything that players loved about the Kilobyte. It utilises 2 old school PT2399 Chips which up the delay time to 1200ms. There are 3 repeater options available via the divider control, and the Havoc setting has been supercharged for a nastier, dirtier sound. Cosmetically - besides the new name and different colourway, the Megabyte now sports twin LEDs, and an additional Clock / Delay Time symbol under the Havoc Footswitch. Pricing will be at the usual $199.99 rate.


I feel that we’re going to see quite a few more lo-fi / dirty delays materialise in 2020!

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Stefan Karlsson
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