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Ben Fulton's Red Witch Pedals Reveals the Glorious Binary Star Stereo Analog Celestial Time Modulator

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Ben truly has a wonderful way with words in describing his brand new super-modulated analog delay. Admittedly with very clever and beautifully nuanced modulation.


The layout / format isn’t exactly my favourite arrangement - something I very much associate with Zvex, where I personally would much rather have this pedal in a more pedalboard-friendly vertical style of enclosure.


The inventive naming continues with the various controls - Universe, Replicate, Mix, Velocity, Depth - or Delay Time, Repeats, Dry-Blend, Speed and Intensity in other words. While the Delay Time is quite an unusual sort of parabolic style one - where in the upper range of the dial the typically incrementing delay time instead begins to reduce in the final sweep of the dial.


The two toggle switches - left and right, respectively control the Delay Time Range : shorter/longer, and the character of the modulation : warmer/brighter.


In fact what you get sounds really quite remarkable - and particularly so in stereo mode. This is several nautical miles away from something like a Carbon Copy, and delivers the most fantastic spacey atmospherics. The extended controls deliver modulation textures way beyond the typical - with some really distinctive textures - covering chorus, vibrato, pitch-shifting and beautiful shimmers too.


I’m sure you will be as taken as me by the excellent final demo. While Ben doesn’t reference specific maximum delay times. This is obviously an analog bucket brigade variant - which means likely at least a 600ms range.


The Binary Star is available for purchase right now on the Red Witch Webstore - for the princely sum of pretty much $250.

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