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JAM Pedals deliver their most feature-rich Analog Echo Machine to-date - the Delay Llama Extreme

Analog DelayDelayJAM Pedals
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Building on their already much celebrated series of Analog BBD Delays - the Delay Llama weighs in as the new master of modulated analog delay - with some clever circuitry and electronics tricks to get a variety of unusual effects out of such a pedal - which is highly unusual for an analog delay.


This newest Llama runs on 3 x 3205 BBD chips (up to 800ms delay time) and now features a Black Alt button to go with the normal series of 3 footswitches for this form factor - On/Off, Presets / Xtreme Mode On/Off and Tap Tempo / Hold / Xtreme Mode Select.


The Alt Button engages a number of additional effects on the R-Repeats and L-Level dials indicated by dots around their circumference - 5 per knob - you hold down the Tap footswitch and then cycle through the 4 different modes available :

  • Vibrato (1 Preset LED) - Sine-wave LFO modulation
  • Tape-age (2 LEDs) - Slight and Random pitch variations
  • Random (3 LEDs) - Random changes to the ms value of the repeats over fixed time increments resulting in abrupt pitch and rhythmic changes
  • Pitch-shift (4 LEDs) - 5 distinct pitch-shifted intervals and 5 playback patterns, the last of which is a 5-mode sequencer

And then use the Alt button to select the Mode Variation via the R-Repeats and L-Level dials as mentioned. The first dial is of course the standard T-Time (Delay Time) control.


The middle footswitch scrolls between 4 presets as indicated by the 4 LEDs above it. If you press and hold the footswitch you switch the Xtreme Mode/s on and off. To save a Preset you simply step through to the relevant Preset indicator and then hold down both the middle and right / Tap footswtiches simultaneous until the row of LEDs flashes to signify task accomplished.


I believe everything else is pretty much the same as before - with a variety of jacks along the left edge for Expression controllers, Remote Preset selection and Remote Tap input. Other controls are largely as on previous units with on/off toggle switches for Trails and Kill Dry and a 3-way toggle switch for Tap-Divisions - Eighths, Quarters and Dotted-Eighths.


At the core you still have that glorious JAM delay sound that everyone loves so much. I personally would of course prefer a more compact enclosure - but concede that with the functionality onboard and how those effects work across the footswtiches you really need a chassis large enough to accommodate the 3 footswitches currently employed - while the Alt Button could conceivable sit elsewhere. I would also really need this to be a stereo effect as my rig has been fully stereo for a number of years for Digital Modulations, Delays and Reverbs - and I would be unable to place this current pedal appropriately within my signal- / pedal-chain.


That said I also really love the JAM Pedals analog delay tone - and would love to snap one up eventually - if we were ever to get Iannis to introduce Stereo Capability. I could then use it in rotation with my Strymon Volante - as they are not too dissimilar in size and I could easily accommodate this unit then without having to rejig everything around it.

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Stefan Karlsson
Stefan Karlsson
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