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Dedalo FX Brings the Innovation with its new Ingenious Beat Making Machine in Pedal Form

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There are numerous Drum Machine style pedals out there - where you select from banks of rhythms and drum-kits - with various alternative variations, fills and changes in pattern. Dedalo though has gone back to the sort of Linn prototypes where you actually tap in your own rhythm - bass drum, snare drum, hi-hats / rides etc. Which you then save to memory as presets.


This pedal is brand new to NAMM, and there are not a lot of details on it yet - and thus far just the Delicious Audio Demo that I have seen. I’m not 100% up to speed on everything the pedal does - but in terms of the basics of laying down a drum pattern with different styles of drums - and then adding nuances and textures - makes this a really brilliant performance device.


You have two key dials - Beat/Instrument and Bank/Mode with 3 further controls - Tempo, Level and Alias. There are dual footswitches here with the left ’Shift’ one used to access alternative / secondary functions on dials. The right-hand footswitch is your stop/start button and where you tap in the various elements to your beat / pattern.


This is actually a real gamechanger in this area - and for the first one out of the gate as far as I’m aware - this is already really cool. I see a lot of potential here, along with further editions of this pedal with more control and variations - but at a starting position this pedal is pretty perfectly formed. Dedalo FX are particularly well known for their synth pedals - which I have featured on this site before - while I except this to be their now runaway best-seller!


Only one demo so far - I will add more as and when they materialise! :

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Stefan Karlsson
Stefan Karlsson
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