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Rock Fabrik Effects Unveils Highly Tweakable Kuek Touch Sensitive Dynamic Analog Tremolo

ModulationRock Fabrik EffectsTremolo

I know Rock Fabrik best for their amazing Mind Abuse High Gain Distortion pedal - which is alas still on the wishlist awaiting acquisition - I have so many different priorities in the High Gain pedal area - it takes a while to get around all of them. It’s good to see RF branch out into new areas though - and this is their first modulation pedal as far as I am aware - and a really impressive entry into that category.


The vertical 1590BB style enclosure device is an Analog Tremolo and Vibrato circuit with Digital Control Surface and second tap-tempo footswitch along similar lines to Chase Bliss Audio etc. It has a significant number of controls which are what really define and differentiate the function of the pedal - that dynamic and variable speed sensitivity and playback.


10 Controls :

  • Duty Cycle = Fraction of period in which signal is active - sort of wave clipping
  • Depth = Intensity of Tremolo
  • Speed = Starting Value of Dynamic Speed
  • Way = Ending Value of Dynamic Speed - also controls direction/slope of dynamic speed; It speeds up from fully CCW unil Way pot is at 12 o’clock and slows down from 12 o’clock to fully CW. To fix speed keep it at the midway point
  • Waveform = Sawtooth, Square. Triangle, Sine, Rectified Sine
  • Decay = Time it takes for speed to transition between Speed and Way values
  • Raid = Time it takes for speed to reach maximum level set
  • Touch = Ajusts Touch-Sensitivity
  • Volume = Output Level
  • Tap Division Toggle Switch = x1 / x2 / x3 - Selects between no division (x1), half notes (x2) or triplet (x3)

Brett Kingman provides a superb demo as always. This is a gorgeous sounding Tremolo with great functionality - could do with presets though! It’s also a touch large for my own setup since I introduced the ThorpyFX Camoflange Flanger into my rig - I can really only fit in a compact size analog Tremolo - to rotate on same slot as my current CBA Gravitas. Acquiring this would mean significant re-jigging of the rig which makes it somewhat unlikely - but I’m still tempted!


The Kuek is open for pre-orders and retails for €179 currently. It comes in three different colour ways - Doves Blue as pictured, Ultra Marine Blue as per in Brett’s demo, and Bright Orange which I’ve yet to see any references for.

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