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Gamechanger Audio Looks to Further Transform and Evolve Spring Reverb with its Forthcoming Revolutionary Light Pedal Optical Spring Reverb

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Gamechanger Audio continues to blaze a trail of innovation with yet another inspired technological evolution - this time focused on the humble spring reverb - whose popularity was reignited last year by Anasounds’ smart Elements take on the same format. Anasounds simply split out the noise generation and signal processing elements into two separate scalable boxes, while Gamechanger has evolved a whole other type of Spring Reverb.


The basic fundamentals are the same in that you have a spring tank at the core of the effect, but the Light Pedal utilises infra-red optical sensors to capture far more signal range and detail within the spring tank than has hitherto been harvested by more conventional means.


The Light Pedal’s optical sensors pick up all the additional timbres, harmonics and textures - and transients in particular which are otherwise lost in the mechanical process of the traditional spring tanks.


This extra richness of details yields harmonic content never before realised - to such a degree that the signal can be used to deliver all manner of new effects for this genre - including :

  • Optical Reverb Tremolo
  • Optical Reverb Modulation
  • Optical Harmonic Shimmer

The pedal itself also uses impact detection and shock sensors to ensure consistent delivery of signal. This is obviously a single box solution and there have to be countermeasures for everyday bumps. The dimensions are obviously consistent with having to accommodate a spring tank and this is a somewhat elongated pedal - not really pedal-board friendly but surely great for studio applications.


We have 8 surface knobs and 2 switches - Dry | Spring | Optical | Tone | *Mode | Control | Drive | Envelope


With Modes being : Optics/Sweep/Trem/Reflect/Feedback/Harmonic


And the 2 switches are for Tails (Trails) and Latch


Further details are scant at the moment, there is no price tag yet or expected release date, what we mostly have are the pictures and the introductory video :

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Stefan Karlsson
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