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Electro-Harmonix releases Oceans 11 Reverb companion pedal to the Canyon Delay & Looper

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As I will endeavour to describe in a separate blog post, several pedal-makers have duo offerings of multi-function delay and reverb pedals - most notably Boss and TC Electronic. And now Electro-Harmonix has joined the fray as it were. A little over one year after the release of the Canyon we now get the same sort of format for a Reverb pedal. The central alt function button is now a Mode selector rather than a Tap Divide selector - but the layout and topology of the two pedals is identical with both containing 11 different algorithms - as detailed below.


Both pedals are extremely feature-rich and compete well with TC Electronic on the number of algorithms front. They’re not quite as clever as they lack both MASH and TonePrint Features - and moreover are mono in/out only - which kind of means they don’t meet my particular needs. For people with single channel / mono rigs though you get a lot of bang for you buck here - I would have liked twin footswitches like the Walrus equivalents, but you really can’t knock the pricing or overall versatility of these pedals. For lots of players these two should be high up in their considerations.

Electro-Harmonix Canyon Delay & Looper - £132


Covers the full gamut of what you might need from a delay pedal - would have been nice to have separate tap-tempo footswitch though. I also really need stereo ins and outs, and like to have presets onboard - which means a preference for larger delay workstations typically. This though provides exceptional value for money, and a lot of smart features for such a compact form factor.


It contains 11 modes:

  1. ECHO : Digital Delay
  2. MOD : Modulated Delay
  3. MULTI : Multi-Tap Delay
  4. REVRS : Reverse Delay
  5. DMM : Deluxe Memory Man
  6. TAPE : Tape Delay
  7. VERB : Reverb plus Delay
  8. OCT : Octave Delay
  9. SHIM : Shimmer
  10. S/H : Sample and Hold
  11. LOOP : Looper Mode w/max loop length of 62 seconds

Electro-Harmonix Oceans 11 Reverb - £136


The new Reverb is exactly the companion and equivalent to the previous Canyon - it contains all the obvious modes you might want plus some more interesting ones. There are various other compact reverbs that I probably still prefer to this one, but you can't question the range covered or how. I don't think the control topology is quite as cool as the Walrus Fathom, nor is it quite up there overall with Boss and TC Electronic. But it's still a worthy contender and should do well.


11 modes:

  1. HALL : Concert Hall Reverb
  2. SPRING : Fender® 6G15 Tube Spring Reverb
  3. PLATE : Classic 80's Plate Reverb
  4. REVRS : Reverse Reverb
  5. ECHO : Recirculating Echo through a Plate Reverb
  6. TREM ; Wet and Dry Hall Reverb plus Tremolo
  7. MOD : Modulated Reverb - Chorus and Flanger combined
  8. DYNA : Swell, Gate and Duck Reverb
  9. AUTO-INF : Auto-Infinite Reverb that triggers a Reverb Wash for each note or chord
  10. SHIM : Shimmer Octave-Shifted Reverb
  11. POLY : Polyphonic Reverb - two configurable bi-directional pitch shifts
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