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Danelectro Releases 3 more pedals for its Relic'd Vintage range including the 3699 Octave Fuzz, Roebuck Distortion and Back Talk Reverse Delay

DanelectroDelayDigital DelayDistortionDriveFuzzOctave Fuzz+-

I was very quick to fall for the charms of the previous Danelectro Vintage Eisenhower Octave Fuzz (Super Fuzz), while it took me a touch longer to warm to The Breakdown (Univox UD50 Uni-Drive). Yet I did succumb to both in the end and I’m very happy with that eventuality.


This time around we get the 3699 Octave Fuzz (Foxx Tone Machine), Roebuck Distortion (Ibanez Mostortion MT-10) and sort of reissue of Danelectro’s own Back Talk Reverse Delay. I’ve pictured / listed the 3699 first as that is of the most interest to me - I’ve pretty much decided that I want one already. It features 3 knobs - Volume, Fuzz and Tone, a 2-way Mids switch - Stock/Mid Boost, and dual footswitches so you can independently activate the Octave effect.


Second is the Roebuck - based on Ibanez’s MOSFET Distortion - the aptly named Mostortion. While this is a slightly more complex proposition as there have been a number of other recent clones - including the 3rd Power Amps Roosevelt, Cascade Pedals Hosstortion, and Karma Guitar Amplifiers’ MTN-10 Distortion. I really have to do further due diligence to see which of those appeals the most to me - there are a number of other clones available as well as of course Ibanez’s originals and modded versions of those too.


The least appealing one for me is the Back Talk Reverse Delay as I have several pedals with that effect already in my chain, and would not want to sacrifice a whole slot for such a relatively simple and singular effect.


The original Eisenhower and The Breakdown were priced at a very reasonable $149. While Sweetwater seems to be pricing the new ones at $199 which is significantly more and will undoubtedly diminish the appeal for some.

I’m kind of won over by the 3699 - which has been on the NAMM wishlist for a while - I will most likely get the Redbeard Effects Honey Badger Octave Fuzz before this one though - they’re quite different in character and besides the fact that the 3699 is Octave Up and the Honey Badger is Sub-Octaves - I really rather like both of these. I will reserve judgment on the Roebuck and Back Talk until I have further details.


Only one demo video has been released to-date - the yet another excellent RJ Ronquillo excursion which is what put me onto the 3699 in the first place!

Vid 1

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