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Boost and Overdrive

Crazy Tube Circuits will be introducing Significantly Updated Space Charged V2 Tube Drive and Splash MK4 Reverb Pedals at this week's NAMM Show

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Crazy Tube Circuits, or CTC as I like to refer to them, seem to be on a roll of late with lots of smart innovations and updates happening across their range. Following hot on the heels of the excellent Cyclone Phaser and Killer V Vibra-Drive which I recently featured, we now have majorly enhanced and updated version of the Space Charged and Splash Reverb pedals.


The Space Charged Real Tube Drive gets two extra knobs to go with a new second Boost Footswitch - Boost Volume and Boost Gain. It also sees the addition of a Tight/Fat button switch above and beyond the core 3 knobs - Volume, Tone and Gain. Of course the utility and versatility of the pedal is greatly increased, and as a bonus we get a slightly more elegant artwork too. The new Space Charged will be available in March of this year for €239.


The second pedal featured here is the new and improved 4th edition version of the Splash Reverb - which obviously takes a number of cues from the recent Cyclone Phaser - ending up with the identical control topology / layout as that - which on this occasion consists of Volume, Mix, Decay and Excite knobs - besides the central rotary Mode Selector which has considerably more options (8) than its MK3 predecessor (3):

  • Ambient / Spacious Pad Effect
  • Moderate Sized Reverb - from Spring to Room to Hall
  • Large Reverb - from Hall to Ambient
  • Plate Style Reverb
  • Shimmer - High Pitched Harmonics
  • Modulated - Faster Spinning Extra Long Decay
  • Modulated - Long to Infinite Decay
  • Flanged Freeze Reverb - Short to Infinite Decay

The secondary XF Footswitch gives you further onboard freeze / hold / infinite / max control over each pertinent algorithm - the new edition also benefits from a further expression pedal jack. This new Splash Reverb should be available sometime in February for €199.


Here below is CTC’s NAMM teaser video :

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