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Boost and Overdrive

Crazy Tube Circuits Releases 2 new pedals evolved from existing classics - the Constellation CV7003 Multi-Mode Fuzz, and Memphis Vintage Vibrato

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CTC seems to have a habit of releasing pedals really late in the year - typically just after your budget for the year has been blown. Last year it was the turn of the Killer V Magnatone-inspired Vibra-Drive, while this year we have the modulation-only ’Memphis’ version of that, alongside a new version of the Constellation Multi-Mode Fuzz - this time sporting military spec CV7003 Germanium Transistors (equivalent to OC44) which are the same sort of Transistors originally deployed in the original 1966 Dallas RangeMaster Treble Booster.


I have the original OC41 Constellation from launch - ordered off the CTC website at the time - I’m currently still pondering on whether I really need this version too. It has the same 6 modes along with Volume and Gain controls :

  • FF : Fuzz Face
  • VTB : Vox Tone Bender
  • 3/2 : Tone Bender MKI.V
  • 2 : Tone Bender MKII
  • RM : RangeMaster
  • RMFF : RangeMaster > Fuzz Face

I certainly won’t be getting the first released batch - as those are/were all sold out - almost instantly - so that choice has been taken away from me - in fact, as I said I’ve already spent and exceeded the budget for the year.


I will take the Christmas / New Year period to consider whether this €299 Constellation V2 essentially should also go in the collection - it certainly sounds somewhat different to the OC41 version and seems to have a little more ’bite’. We’ll see how all that pans out in 2021.


Memphis Vintage Vibrato

The second pedal featured here is just the Magnatone-style Vibrato Modulation from the Killer V pedal - which I'm definitely still down to acquire. Origin Effects threw in a slight spanner for me with their MAGMA57 release - while the Killer V is certainly much better value and sounds near enough similarly spectacular.


The Memphis has just 4 simple controls versus the Killer V's 8 + dual footswitches, and it's €30 less at €155 :

  • Intensity
  • Speed
  • Volume
  • All Dry / All Wet Mode Switch

The Memphis is for sure somewhat less appealing to me here - as I've already decided that I will be getting the Killer V at some stage. For those that only want the modulation - this provides exactly that in a more convenient form-factor.


Here follow the key launch-day demos :

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