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Boost and Overdrive

Mythos Pedals Delivers Unique Signature Multi-Function Drive Pedals for Rhett Shull and RJ Ronquillo - the Lark and the Susmaryosep!

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Mythos’s two new pedals are pretty distinctive and are very much rooted in close collaboration with the artists they were made for. The first pictured (upper) is RJ’s ’Susmaryosep!’ Which is essentially an Herculean V2 Overdrive (808) variety in the centre flanked by single-slider controlled Echo and Boost - each of which has its own footswitch - so you can use simple Boost, Drive and Slap Echo in any combination - the pedal colourway also sort of matches RJ’s new Signature Novo Serus Guitar (in Rontealio!) which is a really cool detail. The Echo slider is a mix control, but you also have Time and Feedback trimpots on the side of the pedal if you want to use the delay differently.


The second pedal featured is Rhett’s ’Lark’ - which is very much based on a 1966 Kalamazoo Model Two 5 Watt Amp which had the exact same 3 controls - yet differently labelled. The original had Volume, Frequency (Tremolo Speed/Rate) and Power (Tone Control) - while the Lark pedal has Loudness, Frequency and Overdrive. In his instance the Overdrive is more of a Gain control, but it does influence the tone also. You have two further internal trimpots - Body/Bass Cut and Tremolo Depth - to allow you to adjust tonality further.


Both of these are quite specific applications and I wonder what the wider appeal is here? Obviously there is the new Origin Effects RevivalTREM which is a similar concept and retails at $430 which is considerably more that the $249 of the Lark - albeit the RevivalTREM has slightly more to it. I do often sometimes wonder at the suitability of signature devices for a wider audience - I guess it’s bang on if you’re looking for a Kalamazoo replica. Same goes for the Susmaryosep! which is quite a specific and somewhat simplified combination - which some may like for its ease of use. The Lark should be available slightly ahead of the Susmaryosep! - probably sometime around March.


These could both be classified as modulated drive units to some degree but outside of specific signature player usage scenarios - I’m not entirely sure how these fit in on a typical pedalboard? I guess they are intended for very small and self-contained board / rigs.

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