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Boost and Overdrive

Menatone Unleashes the Vertical Fish Factory combination Red Snapper and Blue Collar Overdrive

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I’m delighted that Brian Mena has finally seen fit to release a Vertical edition of his flagship Fish Factory Combination pedal - which brings together his two legendary overdrive - the Red Snapper and Blue Collar.


New in this version also is the series direction toggle-switch so you place each of the overdrives first in the sequence. I personally have never been a fan of the horizontal compact enclosure pedals - so beloved by Zvex Effects in particular - so I was always going to be wanting and waiting for a more practical update. For a time I was considering getting one of the hand-wired Red Snapper editions - but this particular format and rendition goes right up my wishlist.


Obviously I have a lot of priorities post NAMM - but this is definitely one of the pedals I will be looking to acquire in 2020. I have a number of Menatone pedals still on my wishlist - including the Dumbstruck and Law Bender Fuzz - and however much I love my Menatone The King - this new pedal might just be my favourite Menatone pedal of all.


I will of course feed back further once I have finally landed one such prime example. Now we just need the Top Boost In a Can in the same format!


Brian had only just announced the pedal so there are no sound demos that exist yet - so I will refer to some of the earlier Fish Factory demos below! :

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