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Boost and Overdrive

MXR Collaborates with Paul Cochrane to produce a Custom Shop Mini Edition of the celebrated Timmy Transparent Overdrive

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I of course am a fan of transparent overdrive pedals and have numerous examples of those in my collection including a proper compact original Timmy - funnily enough in the same patterned / mottled purple as featured in Andy Martin’s below video.


The new MXR variety supposedly matches the original entirely in function and tone, albeit some concessions must surely have been made to the circuit in the miniaturisation process - and considering that MXR makes mostly SMT-style circuits nowadays with miniature inline components. I was surprised when looking at the insides of my fairly recently acquired MXR Brown Acid Fuzz how the circuit was made up of those tiny SMT transistors which I am so unfamiliar with hitherto.


In any case the Mini Timmy looks to be near as dammit! close-enough to its larger sibling/cousin - and I have no doubt that this will be another entry into my growing mini pedal wishlist. As I already have the original though there is no real urgency for me here - but I will undoubtedly acquire one of these some day.


As mentioned, you get the same Bass, Gain, Volume and Treble knobs with the same 3-way clipping/compression switch - where most just keep it in the middle minimum-compression symmetrical-clipping position! Down is a more compressed symmetrical setting; while Up is the asymmetrical setting on the original - so I would assume the same for the Mini Timmy - but along the horizontal axis.


Note that the EQ knobs on the original Timmy are actually Bass and Treble Cut functions - so you get less of each when dialling in the usual Clockwise fashion!


These should be available sometime in February and seem to be priced around the same as the recent Hendrix Mini Psych SeriesPedals or around $129 in the USA and weirdly £139 here in the UK!

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