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Boost and Overdrive

Follow My Lead and Combine ThorpyFX's New Heavy Water Dual Boost with the Peacekeeper Overdrive for a Turbo Dane Experience!

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Most of you will know that the Drive circuit of Thorpy’s runaway success - ’The Dane’ pedal was derived in collaboration with Pete Honoré with the Peacekeeper Low Gain Overdrive as the starting point. The Boost side was an entirely new confection of High Headroom Boost with adjustable Low End frequencies or ’Lows’ - particularly suitable for fattening up the tone of single coil guitars - like Pete’s signature Purple Tele (Purpele?).


As the Peacekeeper was already out and about in recent V2 format, it was the boost-side of The Dane pedal that Thorpy was getting inundated with requests for - to make a stand-alone version of just the right-hand Boost-side - including numerous requests from his long-term collaborator and Thorpy artist Chris Buck of solo and ’Buck and Evans’ fame.

Never a man of half-measures, Thorpy acquiesced to the multiple requests, but he doubled down on the results with two Boost circuits in the same pedal - the aforementioned 'Dane Boost' on the right hand side, with a more textured Germanium Diode Boost on the left - still the same sort of High Headroom style of boost - but with more grit, harmonics and saturation - again accompanied by a 'Lows' control. I would like to take some small credit for the dual LED's deployed here as a ThorpyFX first, after very slightly taking Thorpy to task on an earlier pedal I felt could have benefitted from dual LEDs!

As soon as I saw a picture of an early production model of the pedal - I knew this was right up my street. I have for a long time had the Spaceman Effects Mercury IV Germanium Harmonic Boost in my chain - as a mostly always-on 'texturiser'. The ThorpyFX Heavy Water gives me two stackable boosts in a pedal of much more compact dimensions - so it was pretty much a no-brainer for me to look to switch. Not that I will be permanently retiring the Mercury IV, just that the Heavy Water will become the principal pedal on that #8 slot.


As the same time I'd been meaning to get the V2 Peacekeeper for a while - to complement my existing trifecta of Thorpy Award-Winners - Fallout Cloud, Gunshot and Warthog. So it made eminent sense to get both the Heavy Water and Peacekeeper V2 at the same time - for a sort of Turbo-charged experience of The Dane.

PT 4

To mark this auspicious occasion I've brought all my Thorpy pedals back into active duty per my current pedal-chain arrangement above - slots #8, #9, #20, #21 and #23. There are some further changes due in the coming weeks - particularly regarding a number of incoming new Boss pedals, while I'm also going to try out the Meris Mercury 7 in the #40 slot in place of the Ventris - as my principal reverb for a time.


My Thorpy tally is obviously up to 5 now, and I seem to be picking them up/off one-by-one - with The Veteran Fuzz the next in line for rotational duties on the #5 slot currently occupied by principal Germanium style Fuzz - the new Spaceman Gemini IV. I will likely acquire the V2 version of the Team Medic, and the Fat General at some stage too for rotation duties - while I'm currently very contented with the principal pedals I have on those slots (i.e. #6 & #7). I of course still feel that the Deep Oggin (V2?) could do with a tap-tempo as I like all my modulations to have - it is absolutely one of the very best sounding choruses as it is, so I may be compelled to acquire some day anyway. It's nice in any case to see the Thorpy range developing so elegantly - every one of those pedals deserves an audition.


And they're all available now on the ThorpyFX Store - including the brand new Heavy Water of course.

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