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PLBR Effects' Latest Release is the already sold-out cool and quirky Young Hearts Lo-Fi Delay

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I’ve been aware for a while that Darko Vadja was working on an unusual PT2399 style Lo-Fi delay pedal. In fact I’ve been patiently waiting for a proper demo video to materialise which alas none have yet. In the meantime Darko already announced a limited batch via Instagram - and I believe all those units are now sold.


What we have here is a very feature rich Lo-Fi / SciFi delay as I’ve taken to calling it because of it’s unusual modulation. You are presented with no less than 9 controls - 3 regular knobs - Level, Repeats, Delay; 6 mini-knobs - Attack, Release, Depth, Shape, Speed, Feedback - and then two toggle switches one with fast rewind / fast forward icons - which I take to mean speed and direction of output / echoes, the second toggle-switch seems to indicate looping of the output.


There are two footswitches at your disposal with the left one being the Bypass / On switch and the right one where you apply the momentary scrambler style modulation - where you those really cool SciFi style shimmers, drones, and skitters. The output seems to be somewhat randomised too which means this is of course a fantastic Glitch style pedal - there are obviously some cool Granular style effects happening on the trails / echos.


Possibly something of an acquired choice, but I’m really rather charmed by it! I’m sure we will see more of these available via the PLBR Effects webstore later in the year.


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This is not your typical delay pedal

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