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The Suhr Discovery Delay Issues a Challenge to all other Analog Delays with its incredibly smart feature set

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I love nearly everything about the new Suhr Discovery Analog BBD Delay. It sounds fantastic, and does that smart Chase Bliss Audio thing of Analog Heart with a Digital Control Layer. You can scroll through 127 onboard Presets (via footswitches also) - and through smart filtering and Refine Up/Down controls you can vastly extend the delay time - without experiencing noisy artefacts.


Controls - Preset Select/Edit, Fine Tune Down/Up, Time (ms/BPM), Division : Dotted Eighth/Eighth/Triplet/Quarter/Sixteenth, Hold for BPM, Mix, Time (40ms-1100ms), Regen, Lo Cut, Hit Cut, Speed, Waveform Button : Triangle/Sine/Square, Depth, Bypass Footswitch, Tap-Tempo Footswitch / Hold for Presets.


  • All-new revolutionary design
  • Engineered on four re-issued versions of the renowned MN3005 bucket-brigade analog-delay chips
  • 127 programmable presets onboard
  • Delay times of 40ms-1100ms, expandable to 17ms-2000ms & beyond with up/down & division buttons
  • Subdivisions include quarter, dotted-eighth, eighth note triplet, eighth note and sixteenth note
  • 7-segment display for BPM, milliseconds or preset number
  • Classic analog delay warmth with the control to make it your own
  • Studio quality tone & features
  • Built-in smart Tap-Tempo giving you the ability to nail the tempo
  • High & Lo Cut controls to shape the sound of your delay
  • Modulation with speed & depth controls
  • 3 modulation waveforms to choose from: Triangle, Sine and Square
  • Fully programmable digital-control
  • Use in ANY set-up with MIDI In & Out/Thru
  • Every knob is mappable to an expression pedal
  • Custom expression pedal mapping, savable to each preset
  • Every parameter can be controlled by MIDI
  • Can be used to send patch changes to your other MIDI devices
  • Save all of your presets to a SysEx file for back-up or to share
  • Switchable true-bypass or buffered-bypass
  • Soft clipping limiter for infinite feedback and oscillations
  • Kill dry mode for parallel effects loops
  • Includes an 18V DC power supply
  • Assembled in the USA
  • Mono Output
  • RRP £549/£549

It's a hugely impressive Analog Delay all-round, and very usable. Ease of use here is a major factor. I was really excited when I first clocked this, but my enthusiasm was somewhat marred when I realised it was Mono output only.


The second half of my pedal-chain is entirely stereo - and in order to replace my mainstay Strymon Volante I obviously need that replacement to have stereo output. So despite hitting pretty much every preference for a delay, it turns out that the Discovery is not quite suitable enough for me! I will have to wait for John Suhr to release the enhanced stereo output V2 version - whenever that might happen.


The Discovery Delay has a superb Form Factor with really intuitive controls - and pretty much everything it does is spot-on - all it needs is a stereo output to get full marks!


I know a lot of my readers were excited about this one - but like me - their enthusiasm may be marred by the mono only output - what do all of you think? Anyone getting one of these?



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