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Polarbear Effects' Drowner Fuzz/Crush/Reverb Combination Effector is the Absolute Perfect Shoegazer-Style Pedal

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I’ve known about this one for a while - just haven’t been able to snag one yet - while I am hoping to get one from the next batch whenever that is - while Darko Vadja seems to be sort of suffering from the same parts supply issues that are plaguing most builders - so no word on when the next batch is likely, while these tend to be fairly short runs of just 10 or so pedals.


Per the above visual - the controls here are relatively simple - with 7 knobs and 2 x 2-way option toggle switches - and of course Dual-Footswitches.


Controls are Dry/Wet Mix, Reverb Decay, Reverb Upper Octave Shimmer Amount, Master Volume, Effect Order - Fuzz>Crush>Reverb / Fuzz>Reverb>Crush, Crush Bit Sample Rate, Crush Resolution, Fuzz Volume, Crush On/Off switch. The Left Footswitch engages the Crush and Reverb effects, while the right engages the Fuzz.


The Fuzz here is a sort of Big Muff style - saturating Silicon Fuzz - with just the one control - which is presumably Fuzz Level.


There’s not much more information on this pedal yet, and not too many demos out there either. But it is immediately discernible how great an Ambient Machine this is and a Shoegazer’s Delight in particular.


I’ve wanted this since I first spotted it, but other priorities have thus far got in the way - I’ve been steadily catching up with Darko’s output, and my Polarbear Effects collection currently stands at 6 with both versions of Narwhal Muff-Style Fuzz (Black and White), the larger Maritimus Muff Style Fuzz, the PizzaCrusher, and just recently the Young Hearts Lo-Fi Glitch Delay, and Floral Green Dual-Overdrive.


Adding the Downer will bring me to lucky 7! Note that Darko is not always the best communicator, while he is very swift at dispatching orders!


All Polarbear Effects Pedals are distinct and worthy candidates - and I do really hope I can snag a Downer soon enough - that will then go in on slot #20 - where there is certainly no lack of competition! I would be hoping to get the Downer with white knobs - to match the look of the recently acquired Young Hearts Delay Pedal.


The Downer is priced at €199, and should hopefully be available again soon on the Polarbear Effects Webstore.

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