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Red Panda Releases Very Significantly Enhanced V2 Edition of its Bitmap Bitcrusher Pedal

Bitcrushing and Lo-FiModulationRed Panda Lab

Red Panda’s Bitmap Bitcrusher Pedal is the next of its range to see enhancements and size-shrinkage - bringing that into line with the same size format now as the Tensor, Particle and Context - in fact only the Raster Digital Delay remains to be updated.


This is probably the most significant Red Panda Update yet as the previous version had just 6 controls - compared to the 11 of this V2. The Modulation and Wave Sections in particular have seen a lot of additions - with numerous secondary functions available including Wavefolding and Window Comparator - which are probably most easily accessed via the web-based editor connected via USB.


All the key features that were are still in place - including Fractional Bit Reduction from 24-bits down to 1-bit and Sample Rate Reduction from 48kHz down to 110Hz.


We also have extensive Midi connectivity / control / clock synchornization. Along with Stereo Input and Output via TRS cable; Assignable expression pedal, remote switch, remote tap, or MIDI port via said jack/socket, and additional parameter control via Midi (USB or TRS).


This is really a next-level Bitcrusher in terms of the feature set it delivers, and which should make it highly competitive against the WMD Devices Geiger Counter, and the Meris Ottobit - albeit the latter also contains a Sequencer. It would be a tough task picking a champion out of those three as each offers something very different - I do really like this Bitmap though and am still currently processing as to whether this is a ’nice-to-have’ or my Bitcrusher of choice!


Price is same as for the others really - $299/£299 and the Red Panda Webstore is already open for pre-orders.


Here follow the 11 Controls and Dual Footswitches Descriptions :

  • Mix : Dry/Wet Blend
  • Crush : Degree of Bitcrushing
  • Frequency : Degree of Sample Rate Reduction
  • Filter : 4-Pole Low Pass Filter
  • Rate : Speed of LFO Modulation
  • Depth : Intensity of LFO Modulation
  • Drive : Line Level / Gain
  • Preset (Save) : Save and Select 4 onboard Presets - can use Aux footswitch to select / scroll through Preset; 127 Presets via Midi
  • Env:Dest : Envelope / Destruction Destination - Decrease Reduction / Mix / Increase Reduction
  • Wave : Waveform / Shape - Triangle / Square / Random + Waveshaping, Wavefolding and Window Comaparator (Dynamic Noise Gate)
  • Envelope : Envelope Modulation Amount
  • Aux/Tap/Preset : Left-hand footswitch assignable as Tap-Tempo or Preset Select
  • On/Bypass : Right-hand footswitch is On/Engage/Bypass - can be used in momentary and latching fashion
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