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TC Electronic Extends Mini Looper Supremacy with its New Ditto+

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I have often cited the Ditto Mini Looper as TC Electronic’s key product - and most likely top sales champion over these years - as pretty much everyone I know has one. It has had to withstand an onslaught of almost identical copycat products at a fraction of its price - so it’s understandable that TCE felt they needed to do something to reestablish their leadership credentials in this area.


I’m obviously far from the first to cover this as I have a publishing scheduled set for the week - and I can’t always shoe-horn in last-minute announcements when I have committed to other priorities. I would like to think that my visuals though are supreme in this area - and communicate far more than any other equivalents.


In fact everything you need to know is pictured in the above visual - where the Diito+ has added an internal Loop Library - where you can record up to 99 loops - each up to 60 minutes long. You get two new back/forward navigation buttons for the loop library - as well as more importantly a full-colour screen which shows you exactly what is going on via colourful button icons. You can export loops and backing tracks to and from your laptop via the usual TCE-style Mini-USB socket.


You get all the core simple functionality that everyone loved about the previous Ditto - with one more special ’Extended Loop’ feature where the pedal will keep extending the main backing loop to match whatever length of overdub you choose to play over the top. So that if your overdub melody is longer than the original backing loop - the pedal will keep copying the loop forward to match. Andertons reported some slightly problem with this feature in the joins not being quite as seamless as they should be - there’s a sort of micro-second pause/ glitch before the backing loop properly kicks in. This to me sounds like a firmware smoothing issue and seems like it’s something that some slight re-programming should be able to resolve with a future firmware update. I certainly don’t think it’s a deal-breaker. In any case Pete Honoré demonstrated how you can modify the loop start/stop to compensate for the glitch.


Finally - as a hidden feature - if you hold down the forward button on power-up you get the Pong game popping up with single paddle - which is controlled by the Level knob. Something of a throwaway bonus feature - but really cool - and if that doesn’t seal the deal - I really don’t know what’s going to swing it for you.


I believe the original Mini Ditto was already the global bestseller for loopers, and this fabulous new version should extend the legacy forwards a good another decade. I’m a huge fan of and have the original - and will of course be getting this one too when it comes into stores around early August. The main looper in my chain is the end-of-chain Boss RC10-R which I won’t be changing - but I often use the TCE Ditto at the front of the chain for special purposes - so that’s where it will fit in. I will also be doing a piece on my favourite Mini, Compact, Medium and Large current loopers as a follow-up. The new Mini Ditto+ will be available for a very reasonable £99.


I don’t think I need to say anything more here - everyone’s going to want one - I just hope they have enough supply to meet the demand!


Here are the key launch videos for the pedal - I watched the Andertons one live on the day! :

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