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Boost and Overdrive

Updates on the forthcoming Jackson Audio Pedals including the El Guapo Programmable Distortion + Overdrive, Golden Boy Programmable Overdrive + Boost and the Modular Fuzz + Octave

Big Muff Style FuzzBlues Breaker Style OverdriveBlues Driver Style OverdriveBoost and OverdriveBrown Sound DistortionDistortionDriveDual-DriveDumble Style OverdriveFuzzFuzz Face Style FuzzGated and Velcro FuzzJackson AudioMarshall Style DistortionMetal DistortionMulti-DriveOctave FuzzOpAmp FuzzOverdriveTone Bender Style FuzzTubescreamer Style Overdrive+-

Contrary to my original analysis - all 3 pedals are actually pretty well rounded and ready to go - while Jackson Audio want to give each a chance to reach their intended audience - meaning a staggered release - with the first to be made available being Joey Landreth’s signature Golden Boy Overdrive ($299) - pre-orders will be up any day soon with shipping due to start in February. The pedal gets its name from a statue which sits atop the Manitoba Legislative Building in Joey’s home state. Note also that the new Drive and Distortion pedal are classified as ’Smart’ pedals and will have Midi connections two, which is an enhancement over the Broken Arrow.


I have some further input on the clipping elements, as mentioned the right footswitch boost options will be the same as on the Broken Arrow. For the Golden Boy - we will have the following clipping modes as far as I understand:

  • Amber - 2 x Symmetrical Red LED Clipping
  • Green - 2 x Symmetrical Silicon Diode Clipping
  • Magenta - 3 x Asymmetrical Silicon Diode Clipping
  • Blue - High Headroom 4 x Symmetrical Silicon Diodes

For the Modular Fuzz - most of the modules actually appear to be ready too - with the core model coming shipped with a ’Modern Fuzz’, which is distinct from Fuzz Face, Big Muff and Tone Bender - which will all be available via separate slot-in mini circuitboards or ’Cards’ as they’re calling them. The Fuzz will be the second pedal to be released - probably at around a couple of months or so after the Golden Boy.

The last pedal to be released - later in the year as to be defined by how well the Golden Boy and Modular Fuzz are selling - is the El Guapo Distortion + Overdrive. Mechanically still very similar to the Broken Arrow and Golden Boy, but with the same sort of Knob topology as the Fuzz.


Obviously as these pedals are still very early days Jackson Audio has no final release images - and I had to do composites of all the pedals I featured from some fairly rough photographic sources - the occasional liberty may have been taken along the way - for illustrative purposes - while these are still very true to what was demonstrated at NAMM.


We did alas not get to know which 4 clipping options the JCM800 style distortion would carry - while the right hand side is pretty solidly confirmed as the Tube Screamer style circuit from the Broken Arrow.


I am looking forward to add all 3 pedals to my collection - and put them to work in my Pedal-Chain. I already have intended slots for each - the Golden Boy will rotate in on slot #10 in place of the Broken Arrow, the Modular Fuzz will rotate in on soon-to-be slot #20 - in place of the Dr Scientist Frazz Dazzler, and finally I will be trying the El Guapo out on slot #18 in place of the MI Audio Super Crunch Box! These are exactly how I like my dirt pedals to sound and function - and I will start my negotiations with Jackson Audio as soon as my Post-NAMMM Pedal-Chain Feature has gone up!

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