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Boost and Overdrive

Which Pedals will Boss revive next as Waza Craft Editions?

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So following on from my recent Waza Craft series overview - I said I would speculate as to what Boss might next turn its attentions towards.


I’ve said many times that Boss has its own agenda and 2-year production cycles - which means that most of what is imminently forthcoming is in the schedule already. I’ve noted before that the FZ-2 Hyper Fuzz is a likely revival - while we will probably see others in advance of that. So which ones are likely and why?

FZ-2W Hyper Fuzz Waza Craft Edition


FZ-2 issued from 1993-1997.


Pristine FZ-2's typically go for up to $600 on


I'm 100% positive that the FZ-2W will happen one day - particularly in the wake of the super successful TB-2W project. So I'm sure we will be seeing more Fuzz pedals from Boss - while there may we be some other collaboration in the works first before the eventual FZ-2 Revival. Possibly will need another massive petition - like the HM-2W!

DS-1W Distortion Waza Craft Edition


DS-1 issued since 1978. Probably around a million sold by now - Boss's all-time best-selling pedal.


DS-1 pretty much universally affordable and pervasively available, including in Keeley Modded editions. is a pretty good guide to Boss Pedal appeal - as you can see the level of second-hand prices usually matches the level of demand. I'm obviously a big fan of the various Keeley Boss Mods - and several of those have inspired Waza Craft editions - in particular the BD-2W and MT-2W. I also thing the SD-1W was in part inspired by the Keeley Mod of that original pedal.


The most popular of the Keeley Mods - the DS-1 Ultra/Seeing Eye has not made it to Waza status yet. Obviously the Keeley Mods are universally lauded and have resulted in the Mooer Blues Mood (BD-2) and UltraDrive (DS-1). So surely the venerable DS-1 has earned its dues sufficiently for a Waza edition.


I also really want an NEC UPC4741C chip revival of the original OD-1 OverDrive too, while it's probably a little to soon to come after 2017's 40 Year Anniversary Box Set of Boss's original Compact trio.

BF-2W Flanger Waza Craft Edition


BF-2 issued from 1980-2001.


Pristine BF-2's typically go for up to $600, one on currently for $950!!


Boss's Series 2 Analog Modulation Revivals have been a fantastic success - with the CE-2W, DC-2W, and VB-2W pretty much universally lauded. So it would not be surprising if we saw a couple or more of those eventually come through as Waza editions.


Probably the most celebrated remaining Series 2 Modulation is the BF-2 Analog Flanger - which I have and love - I think that would do pretty well at the head of a second wave of BOSS Waza Modulations - after the first tier of Chorus/Vibrato effects.

SG-1W Slow Gear Waza Craft Edition


SG-1 issued from 1979-1982.


Pristine SG-1's typically go for up to $800, 3 currently on


I've noted this possibility before - while it may just be too much of a minority sport to justify being put back into manufacture. It's certainly a pedal that performs extremely well on the second-hand market - but that could also be in part due to how relatively few were made.


These typically command fairly ridiculous prices on - while Boss needs to have a solid business case for doing all the R&D and pre-production that is required for a Waza Craft Release. For many years they turned down the possibility of a HM-2 revival as they weren't sure that the sales numbers would justify the effort needed to support that. In the end a very significant customer petition from the HM-2 community convinced Boss that they would indeed get the sales numbers they needed. Perhaps such is needed for this too in order to get it to fly.


So I'm rather thinking that the SG-1 would be a genuine nice-to-have - but with quite a remote chance of success!

PH-2 Super Phase Waza Craft Edition


PH-2 issued from 1984-2000.


Pristine PH-2's typically go for up to $400.


I personally have and rate the PH-1R, while the extra-mode PH-2 has just as many favourite fans. I could see either of those as being viable revivals - particularly as there seems to be quite the appetite for phasers at the moment.


There are pros and cons for reviving each of these Analog Phasers - in some ways it makes more sense to revive the PH-1R and introduce a second Mode via the typical Waza Custom switch. Where as the PH-2 already has two modes - so adding a further Custom variant may complicate things slightly. In any case I think we would see some sort of update to the control topology - with those same colours and knobs retained most likely - as per the HM-2W.


I feel though that the BF-2 is the most likely next Boss Analog Modulation revival - just ahead of the PH-2.

PN-2W Tremolo/Pan Waza Craft Edition


PN-2 issued from 1990-1995.


Pristine PN-2's typically go for up to $600.


Boss's original Stereo Tremolo and Panning Effect has been steadily rising through the ranks in terms of its second-hand market price. A number of players have referenced it as a secret weapon of theirs - which means this has to be another Analog Modulation viable for Waza Craft revival.


For me the Flanger and Phaser probably just about pip this one in popularity and likely penetration - while this is in and of itself another great candidate for Waza Craft release.

And while I have versions of Boss's Analog Flanger and Phaser - the PN-2 has been somewhat a nice-to-have for me, rather than imminent priority.

Final Thoughts - Stick or Spin!

I'm obviously a keen fan of Boss's earliest pedals in particular - all those superb Series-2 Killer Analog pedals over all. And I have an extensive due diligence and process in place for deciding what to get and when.


I always go for pristine pedals (Mostly Mint / Excellent, but Very Good from Japan too)- but they have to be at the right price - and a lot of that stuff is currently extremely inflated. The Japanese tend to be more critical of their condition status - meaning that often a Japanese 'Very Good' is pretty much 'Excellent' while US and UK 'Excellent' condition is often really just 'Good'. So you need to really use your eyes and common sense to determine proper condition and pertinent price therefore.


There are more scalpers and price-gougers online than ever before - but there are still decent folks who price their pedals responsibly - you just need to exercise due diligence - and please don't support those scalpers - or they will end up buying up everything and selling it back to us at twice the price it should be.


In terms of stick or spin - it's the question of whether you take a chance with one of those second-hand editions - or risk the possibility that Boss may eventually revive that pedal - resulting in a far more amenable buy-in price!


Apart from a couple of earlier gain pedals - I think I have most of what I want from Boss's archive, and I'm largely encouraged to wait and see what Boss does next.


If it's worth doing - you just know that Boss will do it eventually, and do it well!


As I mentioned in my recent Waza Craft overview - I will likely own all 10 Waza Craft editions eventually - where I've still yet to get the DM-2W Delay, and TU-3W Chromatic Tuner - which in reality I have very little use for - I am however a completist!


I would say these are roughly the 10 or so most likely next Waza Craft Pedals - arranged alphabetically by name - order of release of course to be determined by Boss if and when it happens! :

  • MS-2 Digital Metalizer
  • PS-2 Digital Pitch-Shifter / Delay
  • DS-2/3 Digital Sampler / Delay
  • DS-1 Distortion
  • BF-2 Flanger
  • FZ-2W Hyper Fuzz
  • OD-1 Overdrive (w/ NEC UPC4741C chip)
  • PH-1R / PH-2 Phaser / Super Phaser
  • SG-1 Slow Gear
  • DF-2 Super Feedbacker & Distortion
  • PN-2 Tremolo / Pan

What say you readers? Do you have some predictions of your own? What would you like to see next?

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