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Wishing You a Happy Xmas and a Wonderful New Year!

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It’s been one heck of a journey this year - with a particular flurry of activity in the final quarter - all those ’12 Degrees’ and ’Year End Best of’ articles really knocked the stuffing out of me - you will have noted those came fairly thick and fast. I have related a number of my favourite posts from the year to this article - viewed below on mobile and to the right on desktop, laptop and tablet!


I’m a little shattered from all those exertions - the Pedal-Chain Final Formation piece in all its enormity almost got the better of me - I think I worked on that in the end for 37 hours straight - and yes right through one night! I feel I’ve lost a lot of sleep in 2020 for the sake of GPX - as I have a high-octane day-job and work on GPX as my side-gig - late at night and over weekends. In fact up until today’s start of my Christmas Vacation I’ve only taken one day off this year - to visit my good friend Matt Knight for a debrief on all the Boss Autumn Releases - so I’m well overdue some R&R. I’ve actually been in isolation since I attended the Birmingham Guitar Show back on February 29th, and I’m delighted to have retained most of my sanity!


Within all of this I do though hope that some of these works have resonated with/for you, and that you have gained some inspiration or satisfaction from my efforts.


I’ve really enjoyed corresponding with a large number of you this year - and I remain ever willing to consult and assist wherever I can.


I would like to put out a big thank you to all who follow and support these efforts with good vibes and words of encouragement, and all the pedal builders who have taken time out for me. 2020 has been a tough year for all of us - and you need to be aware that for every 1 thing I publish and share on this site - I’ve had to face down numerous rejections and snubs just in pursuit of he tiniest glimmer of detail or insight - it’s rather an inefficient alchemy!


I was part of a number of pedal-build collaborations in 2020 - while most of those have thus far failed to see the light. I do believe though that most of them will materialise in 2021 now - and I look forward to sharing all those details with you when those pedals are fully ready to be revealed.


I sincerely hope that 2021 will bring back some affability and tranquility after the Annus Horribilis that was 2020.


I hope you all get to relax for Christmas and I of course wish you a fortuitous and favourable New Year!


Peace out!



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