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Fredric Effects Releases Smart Germanium/Silicon Switching DuoFace - Dual-Circuit Fuzz Face Style Fuzz

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Readers will know that I’m quite the fan of Germanium / Silicon Switching Fuzz pedals - with at least two bonafide classics already in the collection - The DanDrive Austin Pride, and the Expresso FX Custom Ge/Si Switching Fuzz - both dual Fuzz Face variants.


The difference between my two existing ones and this new DuoFace variant is that on the other two you can mix up the Germanium and Silicon Transistors in Q1 and Q2 positions - meaning you can have either-way mix of Germanium/Silicon, as well as both of each - which is all the DuoFace allows.


The innovation with the DuoFace is the 2 separate Bias pots - so that you can set the Germanium quite different to the Silicon, while both circuits share the same Gain and Volume knobs.


I would have liked to see the toggle-switch replaced with a second footswitch - so you can dynamically flip channels during playback.


This is for sure a strong candidate with Soviet NOS Germanium Transistors - П16Б type and similar, and with the Silicon Transistors being those cool metal can BC108 ones - so really decent internals for sure. The cherry on top here is the very reasonable price point of £140 - which is around half the price of the two other variants I mentioned. I will most likely be picking this one up sometime this year - obviously pending other priorities. The DuoFace is available right now on the Fredric Effects Webstore.



Tim Webster of Fredric Effects has been turning out some really smart pedals these days - and this follows hot on the heels of his recent excellent Blue Monarch Blues Breaker Style Overdrive. I weirdly don’t have any Fredric Effects in the collection yet - the DuoFace is most likely the first of several for me.


How about you dear readers - does this new fuzz have any significant appeal for you?

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