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Zvex's Future is Clear - with Limited Edition Transparent Lexan Enclosure Versions of its Classic Pedals

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I’m a touch late to the party with this feature - as it’s been quite a while since Zvex announced and sold out of the very first Fuzz Factory edition of this new limited-run line of pedals. They are pretty much identical in content, components and format to the original classic horizontal compact pedals - bar for the use of fully transparent / see-through Lexan enclosures. Lexan is actually a super hard plastic compound or version of Polycarbonate - a thermoplastic polymer - often associated with one of its principal uses as ’Bulletproof Glass’.


Readers of my blog will know that I much prefer the more recent Vertical edition enclosure Zvex pedals - far more practical and pedalboard-friendly - so I’m not really the target audience for this line of Lexan pedals even though conceptually they are rather appealing.


Note that in my visual I’ve added Pedal Name overlays - as the actual versions don’t have any distinguishing marks or labelling at all. You can see that the Instant Lo-Fi Junky differs from the Fuzz Factory by way of its waveform-selector toggle switch - and obviously the latest Box of Rock model has dual footswitches as well as larger knobs.


I feel that this is a really cool endeavour, but more thought could have gone into making the guts of the pedal - the wiring in particular a touch neater. Also - I feel some more clever things could have been done with labelling and legends. As a V1 of the concept I have no complaints really, but I feel that there are lots of areas that could be improved. I of course would much rather have these too in vertical orientation. I’m still waiting on a Mastotron in Vertical enclosure - but also have a number of those still to acquire as to date I have only the Fuzz Factory Germanium and the Vibrophase in my Tone Library.


I also mentioned on my recent JAM Pedals Fuzztopia 5 post that the Rattler Ltd with its fantastically geometric hand-wired circuit deserves to be displayed in a Lexan enclosure. I can think of a few manufacturers that could/would do well with this - even if just for a transparent back-plate.


I think the Lexan format has far more scope for clever innovation - combining internal and external elements in a sort of 3D / layered approach - much like traditional Disney cartoons are crafted. I feel that someone like Beetronics could do really amazing things with this format.


I am excited to see what comes out next - which pedals Zvex singles out for special treatment, whether we will have Vertical editions too, and when other builders get on the Lexan bandwagon.


As mentioned - the Lexan editions are highly limited - and only sold within a 2 week order period - much like PRS does with some of its limited edition guitars. You’re way too late for the Fuzz Factory and Instant Lo-Fi Junky, but the Box of Rock Order Period is still open - 4th - 18th September - so you still have time for that!


You can place an order for $269 on the Zvex Store!

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