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4 Cool and Unusual White Electric Acoustic Guitars

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Let me start by stating that I’m not really a fan of entirely acoustic guitars - particularly those cumbersome traditional-shaped ones. I must also say that I was disappointed with the look of PRS’s recent acoustic range - especially as everything else that PRS produces is so aesthetically refined. I see electric acoustic guitars as quite a different beast - some are really just hollow-body electrics with slightly different pickups. There are all manner of cool and modern guitars out there with very different looking sound holes - I really like the ones with sound holes concealed within the joints - perhaps I will do a separate piece on that.


In any case this particular article was inspired by two artists - Kaki King and Elise Trouw - both of whom I spotted playing interesting looking white electro-acoustic guitars - an Ovation Melissa Etheridge Signature and Taylor T5z Standard respectively. The other two I came across purely by happenstance - the Fender Telecoustic and Lindo White Dove.


Most of these employ classic electric acoustic pickups bar the more expensive Taylor here which actually has 3 pickups - including one concealed in the neck position.


I’m not sure I would necessarily acquire any of these, but they all sound really good and probably worthy of consideration. The Taylor is the most intriguing with its trio of pickups - but it has a dodgy headstock shape which will give you tuning problems. I’d have to see if I could get a String Butler for this kind of guitar.


Guitars are listed in descending price order:

Taylor T5z Standard White - £2,550

I've seen Elise Trouw play this a few times now during various live promos and the above video. This one is easily the most expensive here, and has that old-fashioned style of headstock which typically causes tuning issues. As I state in the intro though, this is probably the most intriguing of these 4 being as it contains 3 pickups, including a concealed humbucker at the neck position (i.e. underside of the top). It's certainly a versatile and worthy guitar, but obviously at the pricier end for me.

Ovation 2078ME-6P Melissa Etheridge Signature Elite - £1,050

This one is probably my most likely purchase (If/Whenever) - obviously a quality guitar but not too expensive. I've seen Kaki King play this particular model several times now and it sounds terrific - richly harmonic and rounded. The overall aesthetics here are probably my favourite too.

Lindo White Dove Electro Acoustic - £350

I wasn't familiar with the Lindo brand until I came across this slightly PRS-esque White Dove model. A really good value guitar with some cool detail touches. The dove-shaped sound hole is a special detail touch, although the headstock shape could be somewhat an acquired taste. Per the above video though - this guitar sounds great. It would make a nice fit in amongst my PRS guitars - I really like this one.

Fender Standard Telecoustic White Paisley - discontinued - $350 new

I'm not a huge fan of the Telecaster headstock shape, but on this kind of guitar I don't mind it all. Great little demo in the above video of actually the Black Paisley version - the white is just the same pattern inverted - a really cool small electric acoustic - about as compact as they come. You can get both Stratacoustic and Telecoustic type guitars - the above White Paisley variation is currently out of production but one may show up on every now and again.

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