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Way Huge Finally Release MKIII Smalls Edition of the Swollen Pickle Jumbo Fuzz

Big Muff Style FuzzFuzzWay Huge Effects

This is probably one of my last of the 2020 NAMM-specific roundups as it does not look like details are forthcoming imminently for the other more prototype category of pedals featured at NAMM - including the Friedman Smallbox Pedal, Hamstead Soundworks Zenith, and various leaked Electro-Harmonix varieties - I only usually post when we have significant details and demos / soundfiles.


I always thought the core-line Way Huge pedals were somewhat unnecessarily over-sized in their original enclosures - and this put me off acquiring them. You should know by know how big an advocate I am of the proper compact enclosure formats, and I was delighted when Jeorge Tripps and Dunlop started brining out the more elegantly shaped ’Smalls’ editions of those pedals.


There were always 2 Way Huge pedals I was particularly keen on, the supposed V6 Big Muff style Swollen Pickle, and Germanium Tone Bender style Havalina Fuzz - which still remains to be shrunk and re-issued.


Everything is in place here per the former larger edition Swollen Pickle - same 3 knobs - Loudness, Sustain, Filter, and same 2 switches - Crunch and Scoop. Where the Crunch allows you to up the degree of Compression / Distortion, and the Scoop drops the mids from a more neutral EQ curve. The only difference really is the more pedalboard-friendly enclosure size.


The reason why this Muff type is so well-loved is because of the incredible variety of tones onboard - from textured overdrive to proper searing fuzz-distortion. This one is already on my acquisition/wishlist, and I will look to acquire itwhen it starts shipping - sometime before the end of February according to statements made at the show.

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