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Beetronics FX Swarm Harmonizer Fuzz now available for pre-order, starts shipping end of May

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This was one of the 3 big hits of the recent Winter NAMM show alongside the Chase Bliss Audio / Benson Amps Automatone PreAmp MKII and Strymon Volante Magnetic Echo Machine - at least in my opinion. And it’s one of my few key remaining acquisitions for this year.


We were never quite sure when this would be released, but the demo versions at NAMM looked pretty polished so I presumed a fairly imminent release and May therefore absolutely seems about right. The earlier versions were in silver, but the newer and slightly better looking version as far as I’m concerned is all-black. Beetronics made 20 silver ones available too - I believe those are pretty much all gone now - I think there was 1 left of those when I last checked. In any case I of course was one of the first to jump on this - and my chosen version will most definitely be black.


For those who weren’t aware - this is sort of Beetronics’ take on / simplified version of a Schumann PLL - which comes with 7 creatively labelled control knobs as detailed below. I have long been in the market for a PLL style fuzz as such and have had an EQD Data Corrupter and a Montreal Assembly PurPLL in my sights for a while - but this would seem the most usable / and most likely to be used version - demos sounded fantastic in any case and Beetronics always produce beautifully high quality devices as I can vouch from my Octahive and Royal Jelly pedals.


From the Beetronics site:


"The Swarm basically turns your input signal into a square wave, then multiplies and divides the frequency of that wave, giving you nine possible harmonies in two different octaves. Modulation is applied to the harmonies making them go from a nearly perfect tracking harmony, to a wild and uncontrollable swarm of mad bees."

Key References


The 7 Controls:

  • Queen = Level of Higher Octave in Harmony
  • Drone = Level of Lower Octave in Harmony
  • Species = 9 Different intervals for Harmonies
  • Flight = Depth of Modulation on Harmonies - from Oscillation to Glissando
  • Sting = Speed of Modulation reaction on Harmonies or tracking sensitivity as such
  • Worker = Input Level
  • Master = Master Volume


  • Power Supply = 9V DC centre negative, 7mA current draw
  • Enclosure Size = 140 x 83 x 51mm
  • Pedal Size w. Knobs etc. = 140 x 102 x 70mm
  • Weight = 0.5kg

Order yours : [here]

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