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Catalinbread Releases Limited Edition Red Mod Refined Dirty Little Secret Marshall Plexi Style Drive

CatalinbreadDistortionDriveMarshall Style Distortion+-
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The DLS has been on my wishlist for the longest time, but I’ve never quite yet felt the need to hit the trigger - until this very day. I knew that the DLS was Andy Martin’s favourite Marshall / Plexi Style pedal - with both its Super Lead and Super Bass modes. The pedal has been around in this format since it was released in early 2013. Since then we’ve had a limited colourway edition - the Purple Levant from 2015 - but this is the first time that the internals have been ’tuned’.


The gain stages have been fine-tuned, as has the 3-band EQ - to give you more punch, clarity and dynamism - literally just more better! The pedal is limited to only 100 hand-numbered units - and I decided I did not want to miss out on this opportunity. Besides a fascination for fuzzes - I also have a higher than usual appreciation of Marshall-style pedals with around 20 of that type - Bluesbreaker, Plexi and JC800 varieties - and room for a few more still.


I am somewhat fascinated by the increasing trend for limited edition pedals. Spaceman Effects Zac is the master of that format - continually wheeling out all manner of new unique derivations for his already sold out strictly limited pedal lines. If you already have a DLS - I guess your mileage may vary depending on how much you love it - in terms of acquiring the Red Mod in Addition. For me it makes perfect sense - and it seems to sound slightly livelier and punchier than the standard classic I’m familiar with.


It’s going to have to fight the Menatone The King and the REVV G2 for the #22 slot in my pedal-chain - always good to have options though - each will respond differently and have a slightly different character and timbre - thus inspiring different forms of playing - so it’s all good as far as I’m concerned. The Red Mod DSL is currently only available from and retails for $10 more than the classic - or $190 which I feel is fair enough.

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