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Chase Bliss Audio Further Collaborates with and Innovates Compact Format Cooper FX Generation Loss Pedal

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This has long been a rumour, and there have been various ’hacked’ versions of the CBA Dark World Reverb to expand and focus on the Generation Loss ’MOD’ algorithm included on that. Seems that Tom Majeski and Joel Korte finally decided to put this rumour to bed with a limited 1000 unit edition Chase Bliss Audio take on the full-fat Cooper FX Generation Loss.


Along with the more compact dual-footswitch enclosure format, this newer format offers a few more aces up its sleeve - including really cool Small and Unity Chorusing Modes - making this in someways a competitor to the Warped Vinyl too!

Hack IMG

Elements Retained from Cooper FX

  • The Core VHS Tape Degeneration Algorithm
  • Generation / Sample Rate Control
  • Noise / Hiss Control - variable Knob on Cooper FX, 3-way toggle on CBA - None/Mild/Heavy
  • High Pass Filter
  • Low Pass Filter

Elements New to Chase Bliss Audio Version

  • Aux Function / Secondary Momentary and Latching Functions - 3-way Toggle used in combination with second footswitch - Mod/Gen/Filter
  • Dry / Chorus Modes - 3-way toggle switch with 2 Chorus Modes - None/Small/Unity
  • Ramping & Bounce Controls - highly interesting textures can be generated with the usual 16 CBA dip-switches
  • Separate Wow & Flutter Controls - in place of Cooper FX Speed & Span Controls
  • Wet Level (parallel) in place of Cooper FX Wet/Dry Mix
  • 2 onboard Presets


As far as I'm concerned this is a refined and improved version of the much celebrated Generation Loss - with more bells and whistles, and in a more appealing format. I like a lot of what Tom Majeski does, but would so much rather have it in a CBA format. This now completes a trio of CBA Glitch Pedals for me alongside the MOOD Micro Looper and Blooper Glitchy Additive Looper!


I am a huge Joel Korte / Chase Bliss Audio fan, and apart from the delays - which are not stereo and thus not suitable for my rig - I pretty much subscribe to everything else. I also sort of went for the Meris Hedra in place of the Thermae, but generally if Joel makes it, I typically want it - you just intrinsically know that it's going to be a high quality product.


We already know the fantastic quality of the core algorithm here - and compared to most CBA pedals this one is actually pretty straight forward. I've marked up the visuals as above with suitable secondary legends to help compare and contrast the two pedals. I've already ordered mine via the dedicated site I would expect these to go fairly quickly - these come very highly recommended ...

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