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Boost and Overdrive

Jeorge Tripps' Way Huge Electronics has surely released the most Thematically Perfect Concept Pedal for the Year - The Atreides Analog Weirding Module Synth-Fuzz

Envelope Filter and Auto WahFuzzModulationOctaverPhaserPitchWay Huge Effects+-
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Dune fans will undoubtedly appreciate this theme a little more than most. And in fact the Atreides is based on Electro-Harmonix’s now vintage 1980’s Mini Synthesizer.


What we have here is a perfect complementary amalgamation of different modulations with a hearty Fuzz and Sub-Octave element. There are 7 lit-up sliders for which in the above visual I have highlighted in red text how they group / break down.


Essentially we have Output Volume, then Sensitivity and Range controls for a Vocal / Formant Envelope Filter, then Bright and Fuzz controls for the Fuzz element, followed by Rate of Phaser, and degree of Sub-Octave. For the last mentioned there is an internal switch where you can toggle between -1 and -2 octaves. The Phaser component also has an internal trim-pot for adjusting feedback.


You get the most wonderful full-bodied squelchy and raspy tones out of this unit - it very much lives up to its Weirding Module moniker.


Sweetwater has a sort of royal blue exclusive variant - with red Phoenix emblem, while for me I prefer the aesthetics of the standard black unit pictured above.


Much like the CBA Automatone pedals - sliders are far better visual cues than knobs - and greatly aid usability. For me this is just about as perfect an execution as it could be - and I’m really looking forward to slotting one of these in on the pedal-chain - in position #19 no doubt.


Josh Scott and Nick Loux of JHS Pedals fame did the perfect demo for this Atreides - none other is needed - those tones and textures are just the ideal showcase. This is exactly the kind of pedal I love - I predict a runaway success!


Also it’s relatively reasonably priced at $199/£199 - and is already available from Sweetwater, and is trickling into other dealers over the next few days.

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