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The KMA Audio Machines Limited Edition WurHM Metal Distortion has Landed!

DistortionKMA AudioMetal Distortion

I’ve featured the standard edition Wurm half a dozen times on this site - and it’s long been on my wishlist / acquisitions list of preferred HM-2 Types - I’ve come close to snapping it up on several occasions - but it never quite worked out. Just as well really that I held out, however unintentionally, as this particular WurHM limited edition is the absolute perfect encapsulation for the format.


Enrico asked on his Facebook and Instagram a while back what colour LEDs he should deploy for a custom edition. I was one of many who requested orange, and in fact I think I suggested the HM-2 colourway / livery at the time too. In any case Enrico made the announcement at the end of November that he would be releasing a limited batch of 200 WurHM editions to celebrate the sale of 1,000+ Wurms.


I feel that the most likely customers already know the score here and I don’t need to go into too much depth to sell the benefits of this particular pedal. Compared to the original Boss HM-2 - the Wurm / WurHM adds a couple of extra EQ controls - High Mids and Low Mids. Moreover it allows you to shift / change the centre frequency of each of those controls via adjustment of 4 dedicated interior trim-pots.


As a final incentive there is also an internal dip-switch which allows you to select 3 slightly different frequency profiles - all as illustrated in my above visual. I don’t feel it’s necessary to go into any further detail - the visual perfectly explains what is going on and where.


What you have here is one of the very best and most controllable HM-2 types / alternatives on the market - where you can hone and enhance your Swedish Death Metal tones to the ultimate degree - or else break with convention (like me) and dial in something completely different. The hugely versatile EQ allows you to get all sorts of useful and diverse sounds - where it need not just be shades of chainsaw - there are other varieties of doom and distortion here and infinite possibilities really.


As a further sweetener, Enrico is gifting a T-shirt in the same design for each buyer. I believe I landed one of the first WurHm’s to make it to the UK - I checked in with Enrico, and at the time PMT were the only UK dealer listing - in fact they may be the only ones in UK with stock currently, Andertons currently states stock on December 18th. Mine is number #25 - and I’m sure these will disappear real fast. Don’t snooze on this one - only 200 will ever be made - and then it’s back to the stock white edition again.


It’s fitting that this all happened around the same time that Boss announced that they were finally bowing to peer pressure - and would be releasing a Waza Craft edition of the HM-2 next year - I will definitely be in line for one of those too. And Tony Pepers over at Pepers’ Pedals in New Zealand, also has something cooking with a deluxe version of his HM-Too variety. So plenty of HM-2 treats still on the way - but the WurHM is one you really don’t want to miss - if of course you’re into this sort of thing!


I’m not sure I care too much about fiddling around with the centre-frequency trim-pots - I trust Enrico’s default setup and calibration, so I will simply be playing around with the surface EQs generally - after a little bit of experimentation with the dip-switches.


My pedal only just landed today, so I haven’t had too much time with it yet - it’s suitably impressive out of the box though, and rightly lauded as one of the very best of its type. A ’well done’ all-round for Enrico!


This is my 4th KMA Audio pedal now - following on from the Dead Stag Muff fuzz, Fuzzly Bear Jordan Boss Tone style fuzz, and Minos TB MKII style fuzz - also kind of fitting with another recent Boss announcement - all 4 are fantastic pedals and well worth a consideration.


The below illustration is an update of the group roundup from earlier in the year - preferred HM-2 style pedals at different enclosure sizes! Followed by a couple of demos - if you really need them :

Group Shot
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